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Easter Weekend

In addition to Easter, we celebrated Gemma’s third birthday over our extended three day weekend, leaving us stacked with our annual springtime traditions, and fun festivities for little Gemmy. It’s a super fun time of year for us, the weather is slowly changing, the trees are starting to bloom, and weekends are filled with baseball games and outdoor activities.

IMG_4888 IMG_4881

Coloring Easter eggs are always something we look forward to, and with Gemma now 3 years old, it came with an added layer of enjoyment. Siella used pink for every one of her eggs, Ryder kept his sitting in the dye until they couldn’t absorb another hue of color, and Gemma took her time painting the metallic gloss on each one of her eggs. Regardless of whichever coloring kit we buy, they always seems to come out looking the same as the year prior. Although the kids don’t notice at all, next Easter I will be determined to find a coloring kit to really help them stand out.

IMG_4896IMG_4814IMG_4912 IMG_4917

By the time Saturday night rolled around, I felt like we had celebrated Easter three times already. We tried to get the kids down on the earlier side, so the Easter bunny could stop by our house. Once they were fast asleep, Jason and I were giddy arranging their baskets with candy and little toys that have been hidden in my closet for weeks. For our annual egg hunt, we packed plastic eggs with chocolate candies, jelly beans, and some loose change, stashing 30 eggs all around our tiny apartment.


When they woke up early on Sunday morning, the kids were so surprised to find new Easter baskets, full of treats. After years of traditional monogrammed baskets, I couldn’t resist these grey furry bunny baskets, which held their goodies just perfectly.

IMG_5411 IMG_5423

Following breakfast and a marathon Lego building session,  Siella and I baked our famous peep cake, with a recipe I discovered on Pinterest years ago. It’s super sweet, but it does look so festive.

image1 IMG_2097

With the exception of last year, most Easter Sundays are spent with Jason’s family where the kids love hanging with their cousins.

IMG_5448 IMG_5491 IMG_5517 IMG_5569

Jason’s cousin brought a little white bunny for the kiddies to play with, and it couldn’t have been more fitting for the day. It reminded me of my childhood pet bunny, and I almost wanted to take him home with us.

IMG_5588 IMG_5608

And Gemma was just so precious with this little creature. She was so gentle and careful with him, as he sat on her lap. Seriously, it was the sweetest ever to watch.

IMG_5654 IMG_5658

It was a wonderful weekend, but there’s just one thing we totally forgot, a family photo of the five of us! Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend xx

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