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Books to Have On Your Kids Bookshelf

I truly cannot believe we are almost halfway through November. How did this happen?! The holidays are very quickly approaching, and my kids are quite excited to start reading some holiday themed books. There’s something magical about reading festive holiday books as a kid. It’s important to me that my kids’ library is constantly changing, so they can keep up with their reading and use their imaginations. They get reading homework from school, but I always want to make sure that we have books in the house that they enjoy reading and would pick at a bookstore, themselves. I want them to look forward to their reading time!

I have a tough question to ask: does anyone have a book from their childhood that sticks out in your mind as being your all-time favorite? I’ve been racking my brain and trying to come up with what I think mine might have been and show it to my kids to see if they’d like to read it. There just are so many great reads, that it’s difficult to narrow it down. That’s not a bad problem to have, though! A fun family conversation to have this Thanksgiving might be to see what books your children enjoy the most and why!

I’m excited for all of you to see this list, as I feel like it might be one of the most fun ones yet! They aren’t all holiday themed stories, but I wanted to make sure to pop in a few of them to get into the holiday spirit for next month. There’s even some cute Thanksgiving themed books! Of course, as always, I have hand chosen 15 books of a variety so hopefully all of you can find something you’d like to read either with your child or have them read themselves!

This pair of books is incredibly important and holds a very valuable life lesson for your kids. They teach all about homeless people and how a small gesture of kindess, like donating socks for the winter to homeless shelters, can mean the world to some people. There’s always things we can do to help and this site is a great resource!
The first holiday book of the season, how exciting! The star on the Rockefeller Christmas tree is missing, it’s up to two mice to track it down and save Christmas!
Presidential, Inaugural Poet, Amanda Gorman has written one of the most powerful Children’s books to date. It’s a musical journey that teaches children that if our voices come together, we can make change.
This is the perfect time to grab some cute Thanksgiving books! There is a turkey on the loose right before the school Thanksgiving play and we need your help to spot it so the show can go on!
Jojo is having a hard time making friends. When Puddles the snowman comes along, she discovers a magical friendship.
This is a classic! If you or your kids haven’t read this, run to get it! It’s the story of Scrooge and how he learns all about the true meaning of Christmas.
It’s the 30th Anniversary of The Polar Express! A book about children who get to go to the North Pole! What’s really fun about this story, is that it’s also a movie, so you can read the book with your children and then enjoy the film.
Okay, how cute is this book?! This is the best book to celebrate Hannukah and it even has cut-outs and raised elements!
Rick Riordan is back with another great book! My kids absolutely love his work and are so excited to read this one. It’s about Ana, who is on her way to a class trial one weekend, when the entire bus witnesses soemthing that will change their lives forever. On top of that, the cold war they had going on with their rival school is heating up. Will they be fish food?
This heartwarming Christmas book is sure to become one of your child’s favorites! The little red sleigh has one dream and it’s to become Santa’s sleigh. Can she do it?
Violet longs for things to be how they were before distractions. Can she bring her family together at the dinner table and remind them of what it feels like to have conversation and true connection?
We all think we know the true story of Dasher. But do we know her full story?
This is the most important book of the month, I think! It’s all about teaching our children about being thankful for everything we have and practicing acts of not only kindness, but giving back.
Thanksgiving is all about being appreciative for the things we have and showing thanks. Taylor teaches children all about the importance of showing others how grateful you are for them.
Peyton is particular, not picky and she gets upset when adults use that word to describe her, especially when she is great at trying new things, just not food. Thanksgiving can be a tricky holiday for particular eaters and this year, Peyton is determined to face her fear and try new foods!

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