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Best New Fall Books For Mom’s

Fall is my favorite season for reading! I love getting cozy with my warm tea and a new book I can’t put down. This year more than any other year I’ve been leaning towards reading and stories to take me to far away places. Even if we’re all a bit U.S bound, through stories we can all runaway! Whether you’re looking for a new release for yourself or someone else I hope this list can help us all unwind and relax.

Who doesnt need a little help with their tweens? The practical activity book will help mothers and and their children with the support and communication they all deserve.
Many of us set five year plans or general life plans, but not Emma Isaacs! Without any plan at all she was still been able to become an amazing business woman and mother.
For over decade Angela Liddon has been a leading plat based chef. Whether you’re vegetarian or simply veggie curious these recipes will delight!
Motherhood is the best and most difficult job we all have. After leaning into advice from her therapist, Alyssa Derose embraces her not so perfect motherhood.
When Dawn miraculously survives a plane crash she has a new perspective on the life she has lived. Feeling a new chance at life, does Dawn go home to her husband or to rekindled a love affair from her past.
After retiring as a Chicago detective, Cal Hooper buys a fixer-upper in a small Irish Village. Just as he begins to enjoy his fresh new start, a local missings case quickly catches his attention.
This story like no other will leave you wanting more! Edie is a young woman trying to figure out who she is and what she wants all while in a relationship with a married man.
This is a spicy one! Don’t let the cover fool you, this is a romance novel that needs forewarning!
The must read, shares the connection between white feminism and white supremacy. We can all do better and this story helps us acknowledge how.
A collection of interlinked stories of Japanese folktales and ghost stories with a feminist twist. These stories question morality and freedom.
Amanda and Clay are looking to escape their Brooklyn neighborhood for a nice relaxing trip to Long Island. But when catastrophe hits at their rental house, the home owners are left shocked.
Described as the best Sylvia Plath biography this is a must read. With many of her never read writing found, she now gets a life story that would best suit her satisfaction.

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10 thoughts on “Best New Fall Books For Mom’s”

  1. I’m adding Momoir, The Searcher, and Where the Wild Ladies Are to my list! I’m super intrigued by that last one because I’m part Japanese.

  2. These books sounds great. I liked to read “The Roommate” but when I saw “White Tears /Brown scars”,it intrigued me.

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