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Baby Products You Need This Winter

It’s officially winter, the snow has been pouring down here in the city! With that comes the need to get our hands on the best and warmest products for babies this season. Not only does winter bring so many fun activities, but I have to admit, I love seeing the little babies bopping their legs around in the stroller cocoons, and honestly, I’m a little jealous. Besides, those things look so comfy and warm! Moreover, all of the products I will be mentioning are perfect for any location, these are not just city-based baby products, but they definitely make life a little easier if you live in a big city!

Stroller Accessories

I know it’s cold outside, but everyone has to get out of the house at some point! Whether you’re headed to the park, to see family or run errands, the stroller is unavoidable. I can understand the fear of bringing a stroller into snow and sleet, but it can actually turn out to be something that is actually really helpful in the winter. In the second place, it’s not easy to wear a baby carrier in the winter and manage to keep your baby warm. As a result of the chilly weather, strollers have so many fantastic cold weather accessories these days, that it almost makes you want to go out on a walk because they look just so darn cute bundled up in there!

Cold Weather Gear

Winter gear is so much more than just a coat or hat. For instance, if you plan to take your little one out of the stroller this winter, things like snowsuits, polar fleeces and bases are necessary. Likewise, I do think it really is cool to see the technology in cold weather gear change vastly each year. Besides, there are quite a few things I wish were around when my children were little!

What Winter Baby Gear Items Are Your Top Picks?

Furthermore, this is a great space to help each other out and offer recommendations, especially for first time moms! In fact, if you have items you swear by, I’d love for you to comment them below!

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Keeping your baby warm this winter is the priority.This bunting suit is adorable, feminine, and totally accessible while our babies continue to grow. Available in 4 color ways.
Not only is this a great price, but it is compatible with different stroller configurations! It protects against wind, rain, snow and hail.
Wind burn is a thing, my friends! It’s great to think about using a barrier cream to put on their cheeks and noses to prevent chapped skin. Especially since there’s a lot of drooling and runny noses this time of the year!
Footmuffs are a winter stroller essential! They strap onto your stroller and are like a blanket of warmth for your little one! I like this one because the material is wind and weatherproof, the inside is so cozy, provides extra head warmth protection and comes in different colors!
This is the perfect cover if you’re wearing your baby this season! The best part is that it’s fleece lined and wind proof!
If you’re bringing the carseat in and out of places, this is a necessity! Not only does it protect them from the wind and cold, but it is a complete shield and will keep them totally comfy and warm!
You can never go wrong with matching mittens and a hat! Teddy is very on trend this season and this will keep your baby warm!
Bunting suits are pretty important for the really cold months. These allow you to take your baby out into the snow, they’re like a mini snowsuit!
Beanie’s from Love Your Melon will keep your babes warm but you’ll also be contributing to a great cause. 50% of profits go towards pediatric cancer research!
If you haven’t used sleep sacks, you are going to want to try them! This is a great winter option because it’s like a duvet, but safe!
These boots will stay on! I know how difficult it can be to keep warm items on your children’s feet, but you will never have to worry about these!
A good baby carrier is one of the most helpful products you can have with a baby! It keeps you hands free and you won’t get tired wearing your baby.
Thick socks for the cooler months are incredibly important, as our feets are what control a lot of our body temperature. These are a great option because they have grips on the bottoms, so if you have a walker, you’re safe!
Keeping our baby’s feet warm is a must! These extra cozy botties from Burt Bee’s are the perfect options. Available in 6 color ways!
So this isn’t technically for your baby, but this is very helpful for you! These will keep your hands warm while pushing the stroller, which is a necessity if you live in a big city!

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23 thoughts on “Baby Products You Need This Winter”

  1. It has been ages since I’ve had a baby in the house, but these all look amazing! I wish some of these were around when my kids were small.

  2. These are some pretty cool baby products. My girlfriend is expecting, and I need to share these with her. I like them all, I may just order the baby carrier for her as a gift!

  3. So many fun things for kids now to bundle up. When my kids were little they didn’t have half of these fun things. The car seat cover and those mitten-type things that are attached to the stroller handle? why didn’t I think of those??

  4. Loving ll of the winter baby must haves 😉 And man what a total cutie you ahve on your hand 😉 That face!!!! Adorable and always love stopping by and checking in.

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