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A Wellness Escape

I’ve been itching to give myself a spa and wellness day for months now. It’s been well over a year since I’ve been to any type of spa, and this mama needs it more than ever! I recently discovered Modrn Sanctuary right here in New York City, and let me just say, WOW!  Modrn Sancturary focuses on both health and beauty, and I love that because they’re both so interconnected. Medspa treatments are so popular for a reason, they help us feel vibrant, rejuvenated, and more healthy overall. Now more than ever, we need that. 

Working with Rothaus MD, Modrn Sanctuary is one of only a handful of spas in New York City offering medspa treatment in conjunction with wellness services. This combination provides an incredibly relaxing experience that also promotes a better appearance and better overall wellness. Here, you’ll find a variety of beauty treatments such as botox, dermal fillers, skin tightening, anti-aging treatments, fat reduction, and other services along with specialized treatments designed to improve overall healthy like their infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage, and chiropractic services.

We all know about botox, fillers, and the like, so I want to focus on the things that I believe really make Modrn Sactuary stand out from the crowd – their infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage, and chiropractic services.

The infrared sauna is a modern take on an age-old health treatment. For thousands of years, people have used sweat tents, lodges, and the like as part of rituals for wellness, religion, and more. Modrn Sanctuary offers 30-minute sessions in their infrared spa that combines infrared technology along with heat to promote relaxation and better health. Their infrared sauna promotes weight loss, detoxification, anti-aging, caloric burn, health and healing, relaxation, oxygenation, and pain relief.

Modrn Sanctuary also offers 40-minute sessions with their Ballancer Pro lymphatic drainage system. Our lymphatic systems help keep our bodies healthy, so it pays to keep that system healthy, as well. Using compression and massage, Ballancer Pro helps the lymph nodes in the areas of treatment drain. This helps flush toxins, reduces swelling and puffiness, reduces volume in the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, and legs, improves cellulite, improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of stretch marks, and more.

We all know about spiritual alignment but what about literal physical alignment? The chiropractic services provided by Modrn Sanctuary help keep our bodies in alignment. Their services include chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue therapy, nutritional advice, and corrective exercises to help keep your body working to its fullest.

Medspa treatments are one of the best ways to keep your body and soul feeling their best, and the best place to get them in New York City is Modrn Sanctuary. Their experienced team of professionals can treat the entire body, improving both its appearance and its overall health. If you’re looking for the best wellness spa in NYC, I encourage you to check out Modrn Sanctuary.

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24 thoughts on “A Wellness Escape”

  1. How nice. I could use a day like this. I have been slightly stressed so going to a spa sounds incredible.


    Oh wow, how lucky were you. I’d love to go away on a spa and wellness break. It would be lovely to get to relax and have some me time. It sounds amazing there x

  3. The infrared sauna sounds so nice. I have not visited any wellness spa in like forever! Hopefully once it is safe to go out and visit facilities like this, I am going to look around for wellness spas in my area that offer this service.

  4. Sounds so amazing. I could really use a sauna right about now. It would be so nice. I love places like these.

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