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A Day On Governors Island

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Summer is almost here and it’s my most favorite time of year! Our schedules tend to ease up, and I enjoy have the kiddies off for school. I love exploring New York City parks, museums, and new restaurant finds. One of my new favorite spots is Governors Island. The ten minute ferry ride from Battery Park is only $2 and departs every hour! Gemma got to spend the day playing with her little cousin Emilia running through the grass and climbing the abandoned porches of homes while the mamas chatted.

A Day On Governors Island A Day On Governors Island

The city has been doing plenty of work to improve the island and maintain the grounds and it is a lovely place to spend an afternoon. And the ferry ride is fun for the kids.

A Day On Governors Island

Gemma just turned four and has basically grown out of strollers, but her little cousin Emilia is only two and still takes daily naps so we took the new Baby Jogger City Select LUX stroller on our adventure. The super comfortable reclining seat was perfect for her to relax and considering we also packed lunch and enough snacks for the entire park the enormous basket really came in handy. The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is ideal for day tripping because it is incredibly lightweight and handles so well.

A Day On Governors Island A Day On Governors Island

Strollers for parents in NYC are like cars to everyone else in America. Our “cars” have to be convenient, easy to handle, with a million configuration options, ample storage and can grow with a family. The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is the newest in amazing baby wheels that hits all these requirements! We strolled right onto the Ferry and it took all the bumps and uneven rocky terrain on the Island with ease. I am also loving the new fabric options and all of the customizable accessories.

A Day On Governors Island A Day On Governors Island A Day On Governors Island

The new City Select LUX has 20 different ways for children to ride with multiple seating options to accommodate infants to toddlers. The LUX can transform from a single into a double stroller, which is amazing considering Emilia’s mom is expecting this summer; so we’re all set for our play dates. If there is one thing I love it is a stroller with endless potential that grows with a family.

A Day On Governors Island A Day On Governors Island

We love strolling all over NYC but taking a ferry to a “deserted” island is the best! What are some of your favorite places to stroll? Everyone has a favorite day trip—what is your favorite day trip spot? Share stories and pictures and tips for day tripping with kids! I would love to hear all of them and if you tag your photos with #HowIStroll on Instagram you could even win your own City Select LUX. And definitely visit BabyJogger.com/pages/strollerguide for the full Best Places to Stroll Guide to find inspiration for your next day trip.


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21 thoughts on “A Day On Governors Island”

  1. I have no idea how that I have never heard of this island. It looks like a wonderful place to explore if I can get it out there again I am definitely going to check out this island.

  2. I’m not sure which I like more, the stroller or your little ones helmet. The stroller looks like a great way to get around town and not get stuck lugging a bunch of stuff with you because it can hold everything. The helmet is too cute for words.

  3. Amy Desrosiers

    My son just turned 5 but we still like to put him in a stroller for certain trips. I love strollers that have features I need like this one.

  4. This stroller looks like it made the day even that much better. So easy when you have a way to get the littles to and from in comfort.

  5. This stroller converts to a double stroller? That is amazing. I could have used this when I used to babysit.

  6. would love to take the kids to see Governors Island. I need to pick up a stroller like this one. I have been looking for a new style to get.

  7. Alicia Gonzalez

    I absolutely love day trips! Sometimes traveling can feel overwhelming with a lot of kids, but day trips are the perfect compromise. I’d love to take the kids to NY one day.

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