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A Date With NYC

With a half day of school on Tuesday, and no school on Wednesday, I arranged for my parents to take the kids overnight, while I stayed in the city, to catch up on work and meetings. The kids super excited to spend a night at “Gee” and “Bug’s,” especially on a week night. After school on Tuesday, they quickly packed up all their stuff, which of course consisted of mostly toys, in their overnight bags, ready for the trip. With Jason away the majority of the time since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been pretty much paddling to stay afloat, which has left me flat out exhausted from lack of sleep. A little time away was probably what we all needed.


I made it back from dropping them off, just in time to catch an event in midtown, that ended early enough, leaving me with some time to catch up on work. I sat on the couch and caught up on emails, while watching something I dvd’d earlier in the week. With an early morning meeting on the books, I made sure to get to bed at a decent time, to take full advantage of one night of uninterrupted sleep. With no alarms and no tiny people sneaking in my bed, I actually woke up at 8am, marking my longest night of sleep in over a year. It’s amazing what that one night of good sleep will do for your psyche.

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I left the house early, made it to all my appointments, while taking conference calls along the way. By noon, I had finished my assignments, so I decided to switch off my cell phone, and enjoy some alone time. I strolled down lower Fifth, stopping in a few of my beloved shops, where I took my sweet time, trying on some things. With shopping bags in hand, I met a friend for coffee, and another for lunch near Madison Square Park. Afterwards, I made my way to Soho, visiting a few shops, including my old showroom. By that time, it was only 3pm and with my 3 hours to spare, before I had to pick up the kids, I decided to go my girl in Brooklyn, for a long overdue haircut. It was the first time, in as long as I can remember, that I wasn’t running into and out of the salon, without at least one kid in tow.


Upon arrival at my parents’ house, I was greeted by my super excited children. I was psyched to see them too, but I think our time apart was just what we needed. And, you know what, I think I rediscovered my city that day. NYC is ever-changing, and it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the  new shops continuously popping up, while others disappear. It’s strange to consider that in the past 7 years, with the exception of the occasional 1 hour work function, I’ve rarely spent time alone here.  It was just me and NYC, like old times, and I loved every minute of it. Walking down the streets at my leisure, without the hustle and bustle was everything. I think I need to start dating my city more often.

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