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8 New Children’s Books For September

September brings the new scholastic year and tons of more reading. I always love discovering new releases for my kids but its especially needed during school. Fall is a wonderful time to learn about the change of seasons and all that it brings. In this months roundup I wanted to include a few autumn books while also provide some sweet stories Ive recently discovered that hold sweet morals and provoking thoughts for children of all ages.

Fall is here and the leaves are falling. Discover to colors of Autumn through this little squirrel and all his friends. What will they eat and how will they play with the change of the season?
A sweet autumn story about a little bunny who tries to prevent fall and winter so he can keep playing with his best-friend Hedgehog. Hedgehog would normally need to start hibernating but not with Bunny around to hide the falling leaves.
Sammy and his little horse Hob are loving the change of the season to Fall! They’ve been busy with apple picking, collecting nuts, playing outside, raking leaves, and much more. Don’t forget to check out Sammy and Hob during other seasons for a complete collection.
Take a stroll through Nico’s unique coastal town meeting all his extra ordinary neighbors. Theres a poet, an olympic rower, book store owner, a skateboarder, etc… 21 quirky personalities in total. A sweet book that celebrates diversity and individuality.
Now that Fall is around the corner, we’ll soon be spending more time indoors. This user friendly craft book provides endless easy to make ideas with everyday household items. The perfect book for a rainy day.
A simple story about Pom and his best-friend Pim done beautifully through simple words and unique illustrations. Share the day with Pom and Pim getting ice cream, playing outside, and a little bad weather too.
After a beach day with her family, Maya awakes to a whole new imaginative world underwater. She has become a mermaid! As she discover’s her new ocean world she makes unique friends of all shapes, sizes, and colors.
What If… explores the purpose of being born and our duties earth side. The philosophical take on a child’s purpose once born. Thought provoking and best for an older child that has begun to ask questions on values, individual actions, and sustainable living for all.

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  1. I loved when my son was in elementary school and he would bring home the Scholastic flyers. We always got a new book every time. When Will Fall Arrive? looks like a cute story.

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