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Therapy Session

When Ryder was four months old, we found out he had low muscle tone. Of course we were troubled with this news but didn’t let it break us. I did a ton of research and realized we needed to seek physical therapy. We found Catherine Pricopio, a physical therapist specializing in Cranioscaral Biodynamics and Zero Balancing. She was extremely helpful to us and absolutely amazing with Ryder. He was engaging in physical exercises as well as getting cranial therapy. Today, almost a year and a half later, we are still seeing Cathy.  As a result of his incredible progress, we have concluded that his therapy will soon end which saddens me as Cathy has become a dear friend to us. I myself had a chance to experience cranial therapy and it was incredible. If you are an adult are experiencing headaches or back-pain, Cranioscaral Therapy can help and if your child needs any form of PT definitely contact her.


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