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3 Ways To Keep Your Hair Fresh This Fall

I’m already prepping for the upcoming fall weather. I pulled out all of my family’s sweaters, jackets, and shoes to fully prepare us for the seasons changing. Another thing I love to change during the fall season is the color of my hair. It’s a nice way to keep things fresh, and it adds a little extra fun to the season.  

Vibrant hair color is what we all want. If you color your hair, you know how hard it is to keep that gorgeous color you were so excited about. It starts off bold and beautiful. The highlights capture the light. The color is rich and deep. It’s beautiful. Over time, however, that rich, luxurious color starts to fade. The highlights aren’t so pronounced. But this fall I’m changing that. I’m keeping my vibrant hair color.

I’ve listed the tips and advice that I will be implementing this year below:

  1. Giving my hair a break from too much heat: Heat is a killer for your hair. I’ve been known for getting too many blowouts. I plan on giving myself extra time in the mornings to allow my hair to towel dry, as well as telling my stylist during my blowouts to use the cool setting rather than the hot one.
  2. Investing in a better hairbrush: A good hairbrush can help avoid breakage and split ends. While this doesn’t affect my hair color, it will affect how my hair looks overall, and frankly, if I’m going to spend a lot of money on beautiful hair treatment, I want to make sure every part of my hair is just as beautiful.

3. Investing in Nexxus hair products: These Nexxus Color Assure products are designed specifically to help my vibrant hair color stay, well, vibrant. Nexxus hair care products are scientifically designed to “feed” hair with proteins that it needs to keep it healthy. They also use advanced scientific methods to create highly effective custom formulas to nourish my hair color and help me maintain my hair color vibrancy for longer lengths. I headed over to my local CVS pharmacy and picked up a bottle of Nexxus Color Assure for Color Treated Hair Shampoo and Nexxus Color Assure Restoring Conditioner to help me keep my hair looking its best for the entire season.

Nexxus Color Assure for Color Treated Hair Shampoo gently cleanses color-treated hair. It’s best used after Nexxus Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer to help protect hair color. It’s the first step to keeping my color-treated hair rich and vibrant.

Nexxus Color Assure Restoring Conditioner helps keep my hair manageable and lock in the moisture-rich ingredients that my hair needs to stay healthy as well as helping to smooth each hair and reduce fraying and split ends. While it locks in those ingredients, it also helps seal out the things that can damage my hair and its color, helping my hair to retain its beautiful color.

The Nexxus Color Assure line is a huge help in keeping your vibrant hair color as striking in a few weeks as it was on the first day of coloring, and right now. From 9/22 through 9/28, when you spend $20 at your local CVS with your ExtraCare® card,you’ll receive $10 ExtraBucks®. Be sure to check your newspaper, as well. There’s a coupon for $5 off any one Nexxus product!


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12 thoughts on “3 Ways To Keep Your Hair Fresh This Fall”

  1. These are some great tips! I used to dye my hair bright red and it was a nightmare trying to stop the colour fading (so much so that in the end I gave up and dyed it back brown!)

  2. These are some wonderful sounding tips, I really need to work on keeping me hair better over the colder months. The colour assure products sound great I need to get some of those!

  3. I always blow dry my hair when I was it as I don’t have the time before work to let it dry naturally, but when I get the chance to at weekends I try to leave it x

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