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On ice

I am in FULL MODE holiday spirit this year. Don’t know why, maybe because Ryder understands more this time and is getting excited for things. We already have our tree up, saw Santa at Macys Santaland (which btw was incredible) and I still have more activities booked for us so far. In fact, my friend Melissa called me to see if we wanted to join her and her son Calum for a Breakfast with Santa at Rock Center Cafe. Not only do the kids get to have breakfast with Santa but they are able to skate on the rink afterwards. I was concerned with Ry only being two that he wouldn’t be able to skate but when I called they said it wasn’t a problem. They have skates for the kiddies with double blades (we will see how that goes). How much fun is this going to be! OK I think I am more excited than he is……


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