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15 Pool Floats You Need to Have a Cool Summer

Some of my favorite summer memories are spent in the pool. Not only is it a great way to cool down during hot summer days, but it’s also a fantastic way to stay active and get a little exercise in. Moreover, a little summer tan glow is something I don’t mind, either! Particularly, every summer, I let my kids pick out new pool floats and I’m constantly amazed at how much cooler the floats get each year. The designs, technicalities, it all blows my mind.

Here are some things we like to think about when it comes to deciding on a pool float and my kids’ top choices for floats this summer!


While pool floats are obviously not a necessity, it is so much fun to treat yourself to a cool activity or toy for the summer! And as I’ve mentioned, the designs and functions of a lot of the floats are out of this world these days, so prices have gone up. There are certain things I feel like our inflatable floats need in order to spend the kind of money they cost and those would include cup holders or drink holders, plenty of room, easy storage, back support, durable materials, and rave reviews, to name a few. In conclusion, an air pump, thick material, electric pumps, vinyl coating and ease of clean with mild soap are an added bonus.


Furthermore, I think the designs on a lot of the decorative pool floats are outstanding. I will never understand how these manufacturers get them to look so realistic! And the best part is there really are tons of options these days. Getting yourself a large pool float to cool down in for the summer is something I promise you will get so much use out of. Recently, I’ve been seeing mesh pool chairs and I am stoked to get my hands on one, especially the one’s with a convenient cup holder for an ice-cold drink! Moreover, I found a pizza slice pool toy that doubles as a floating beer pong table! Bring on the pool parties! I think my kids are the most excited for the LED volleyball net, we just need a beach ball and our pool days are golden!


Finally, as much fun as these pool toys are, there definitely are some age restrictions or needs to be considered. For instance, do you have a little one who wants to get in the pool? For example, grab a baby or toddler pool donut that offers shade in the form of a sun canopy. Additionally, some floats are meant to be for the whole family, while others are meant to be strictly for adults, for safety reasons. I wouldn’t put a float in a kiddie pool, just because they are so big and for safety reasons, as well. But consider the shallow end of a pool!

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I had to tell me kids what a casette was! That’s alright, though because they are loving this retro pool float this summer!
Could LoveShackFancy have made a more perfect float?! I love the vintage floral pattern and a good donut float is hard to come by!
Speaking of retro, how fun is this float?! It’s like an OG phone! I love the retro colors, too, I think it’s perfect for summer!
The pool floats that squirt water are always a crowd favorite! They are so much fun to float around in and the water that squirts from them is a great way to keep cool!
Funboy and Malibu Barbie teamed up to make one of the cutest floats! Guess what the best part it? There’s a cupholder!
Another stunning float from LoveShackFancy. You know I love anything that has a heart design! It’s also pretty big!
Now this is a blast! You can feel like you’re driving on water in this baby! Your kids will love this one.
Now this is what I’m talking about! A chair that you can float in the pool in! It looks incrediby comfortable and you’re half dipped into the pool, so you can keep cool! Also- 2 cupholders!
If you’re having a party and love beer pong, play in the pool! This float is like a pong table, but it actually floats on water!
Does anyone else have a quarantine dog that has to get in on all the action?! This is a great way to keep your pet cool in the summer heat!
This might be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile! It’s a floating volleyball net for your pool that lights up so you can play into the night!
If you have a little one you want to get in the pool, try this float out! I love the shade for extra sun protection.
A fun pool game for your kids to play with or to have out at summer parties! Cornhole that floats!
This float is so much fun! I love the shape and holographic tone, and it’s huge!
Everyone needs a good lounge chair for the water. This one is super comfortable and so cute!

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18 thoughts on “15 Pool Floats You Need to Have a Cool Summer”

  1. Oh my gosh, my boys would love the UFO squirter floats! I like the chair ones so I can be in the pool in still relax. When it’s cooler I do a lounger so not as much of me is in the water, but in SE Texas weather of 100+ degrees, I want to be all the way in that pool!

  2. We have a large number of floats for our pool. Most of them are the ring- shaped variety, but we have some loungers also, which are great for a lazy afternoon under the sun!

  3. Ohh these are some really cool floats one can have in this summer. My favorites are glitter chair and the pizza one. They look really cute.

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