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14 Items You Need For Your Fall Tablescape

With fall nearing, I’m beginning to shop for our tablescape for the season. It’s hard to begin, because I want to grab every pumpkin nearby, but there are other elements that can be added, such as leaves or colors and textures. My favorite part of each season is getting to switch up my decor, especially our table. As I begin to search for the perfect items, there are a few things I like to think about while shopping.

Here are 14 items you need for your beautiful fall tablescape this upcoming season!


Fall decor is so much fun to shop for! There really are so many different ways you can go with it. The easiest way to begin is by picking a color palette for the fall season and adding in natural elements to spice it up. For example, decorating your dining table with fall foliage, adding in an earthy tone, a pop of color on the table runner and small faux pumpkins are a great way to celebrate fall via your dining room table. You can go on pinterest and choose your favorite tablescapes as inspiration, which is such an easy way to figure out what your personal style is for decor. Of course I like to decorate the entire home, but beginning with the dinner table is the perfect fall touch.

Functional Items

While decor makes for a beautiful tablescape, functional items are important. Having traditional fall colors and velvet pumpkins make great options as a part of the tablescape, but it is a table for a reason. We dine and entertain there and so having decorative items that are completely functional are essential. For instance, place settings: gold silverware- it’s a simple way to add fall table decor, while being totally functional. I found bowls that are shaped like pumpkins, which is another great example! Having that feeling of fall really warms up the space and gets us in the holiday spirit, but we do like to have these items that are useful.


This is one of the most important categories! Having items that can transition between seasons is one of the best design ideas. Color schemes that stay neutral are the easiest way to do this. White plates are a home decor item that can be used in any season, while being dressed up by napkins or festive bowls on top. Another versatile item is having a neutral table runner and linen napkins. These are basics that can be put out year round, and are also great if you live in an apartment and don’t have a ton of storage space. You can keep these versatile items out while decorating them for dinner parties or the autumn season in general, simply by adding a rustic centerpiece, fall floral arrangement, dark accents or simple pumpkins. There are small changes that can make a huge difference each season.

For more fall decor ideas, visit here!


I love a good glass pumpkin! These come in a variety of shades and are currently on sale!
I love the warm colors on these Pampas! They’re a great alternative to flowers for the fall.
Finding really good candle holders is a tough task. These are so unique and I love how simple they are at the same time.
Fall colored candles are essential to adding color and warmth to the table. You don’t even have to light them, but having them there really adds to the space.
A basic cotton table runner is essential! This one can be used year round because it is so versatile, but it’s warm enough for fall.
This garland is perfect for your autumnal tablescape. I love that there’s a matching wreath for the door, as well!
Fall is the spirit of Halloween. These are a fun addition to your tablescape or front table as well!
This is a simple way to not only add color to your table, but be in the spirit of the holiday! I think 2 would be perfect for a fall tablescape.
I like to have our table settings out for the season on display. How cute are these pumpkin shaped bowls to go on top of plates?!
Seasonal plates can really spice up the table. These add a good amount of color and dimension to each seat.
There’s something so perfect about gold silverware. Especially for the autumn season, I think it really warms the table up nicely.
Napkin holders make each setting so put together. I love these for fall and I think the fact that they are so white and clean makes them very versatile.
These napkins are outstanding quality! I love that they are just a basic stripe design, so they are useful year round, yet they fit well for the fall season.
The texture of these placemats adds so much to the table! I love the neutral shades and they really make the plates pop.

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21 thoughts on “14 Items You Need For Your Fall Tablescape”

  1. Bowls shaped like pumpkins can work well, that’s a great idea. Neutral colours can work well. I agree that these are great for table runners and napkins.

  2. Wow! These items are essential things to have for our fall tablescape! Every item here looks great and mesmerizing plus it blended with each other!

  3. Fall is my favourite time of year! You can bet I’ll have to go hunting for the majority of these pieces. Sadly, pumpkins aren’t much of a thing here. And if they are, they’re reasonably small.

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