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10 Dips You Need to Make for Superbowl Sunday

It doesn’t need to be Super Bowl Sunday in order to enjoy a creamy dip! The Superbowl is approaching and this is enough of a special occasion to try out some soon to be favorite recipes for your party! I’m always on the hunt for an easy dip that is full of delicious flavor to bring to a game day party. I found a variety of the best dip recipes and while a lot of them are the classic type of crowd pleaser, I made sure to keep an eye out for simple ingredients and healthy dips. Healthy eating can be a really great addition to the big game, as most of the time appetizers can be heavy! Let me know what your favorite game-day snacks are and let’s get into these delicious recipes!

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

We have to begin with the classics! Buffalo chicken dip is a game day staple! Not to mention the fact that it’s one that loved by all. Get your hands on some tortilla chips and create this delicious dip for your guests! This is a super simple recipe to follow and the creator actually used rotisserie chicken, which makes it even easier! If you’re not a blue cheese fan, you can swap it out for a cheese of your choice and that’s one of the best parts about these dips- they are all easily amendable. And let’s be clear, just because you have buffalo chicken dip, it doesn’t mean you have to skip on the buffalo wings! It’s one of our family’s favorite dips and I know you’ll all love this one!


Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Not only does this dip look perfect for game day, but it tastes great! It’s like pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese heaven. This is a great one because it’s full of ingredients that we all pretty much always have stocked in our fridge, so you can even make it last minute for the ultimate sports food. Let your kids decorate it to make it look like a football to make it even more fun!


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Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Dip

Dessert lovers, this one is for you! Who says you can’t make a dessert dip?! This is not only a really easy recipe to follow, but it’s unique because of the things you can use to dip into it. Cookies, pretzels, fresh fruit like strawberries- the sky is the limit. Honestly, even potato chips if you’re feeling like it! Shape it like a football and refrigerate it until serving time! The kids will surely love this one!


superbowl dips

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Coming in with another classic dip- this one is full of cheesy goodness! You can use fresh vegetables for this one or go for the canned artichoke hearts and frozen spinach– either will work fine! This is best served with a fresh cut up baguette or tortilla chips.


superbowl recipes

Cowboy Caviar

If you’re not on TikTok, it’s possible you haven’t heard the latest craze over this dip! Let me fill you in, it’s amazing! This dip is full of fresh vegetables, such as corn, red onion, garlic, tomatoes and avocado as well as pinto and black beans. Not only is it filling, but full of all of the best stuff, so it’s pretty healthy. You can serve this with tortilla chips or even put it on a tortilla itself!



How could you say no to a good queso dip? You can’t! This recipe is so incredibly creamy and satisfying that you’ll want to make it for a snack every day. Obviously, it has a good kick to it, but it’s not overpowering by any means and you could always dial back on the spices if you need to! I’m excited to try this recipe out this season!


superbowl snacks

Whipped Feta

If you know me well, you know that I am a feta lover! I will find a way to add it to any meal if I can! This recipe uses it on a charcuterie board, which is super cute and a great way to dress the table up more. It’s unbelievably easy to make and some of the best things to dip into it are crostini, crackers and fresh vegetables. It’s the perfect addition to your Super Bowl party this football season! You might find this to be a new favorite recipe to have on rotation for all appetizers.

Beer Cheese Dip

Another classic football dip is beer cheese! It’s traditionally served with pretzels-either hard or soft baked and incredibly delicious! Did you know it includes worcestershire sauce? How interesting! I was shocked to see it’s easy to make on the stove, but that’s even better because I don’t have to prep that much for it.


Caramelized Onion Dip

Have you ever made this one homemade? I know there are tons of options in the grocery store that are fantastic, but I’ve been wanting to try to make this one myself! I’m sure it’s even better fresh! This is best served with potato chips and it’s great to curl up with while you watch your favorite team play!


superbowl prep


Who doesn’t like guacamole?! It’s even better homemade! This is one of those recipes that’s pretty healthy to snack on and it’s full of veggies and flavor. Dip your favorite tortilla chips and veggies in it and enjoy!


Check out the 7 layer dip I made on TikTok!

This post was originally published September 14th, 2022*

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23 thoughts on “10 Dips You Need to Make for Superbowl Sunday”

  1. So many yummy dips, the buffalo chicken one sounds so good, esp as we don’t have buffalo sauce here in the UK. The cookie cheesecake one sounds amazing x

  2. So many yummy dips; the buffalo chicken one sounds so good, esp as we don’t have buffalo sauce here in the UK. The cookie cheesecake one sounds amazing x

  3. I actually love super bowl. It’s so much fun prepare as a family and gather round to watch the game. I’m so looking forward to this year and the halftime. Great dips to try!

  4. OMG these all sound amazing. I love that you included sweet and savoury. The artichoke one sounds lovely and different.

  5. I need to try all of these dips because they look so good. I really want to try the pepperoni pizza dip and the spinach / artichoke dip.

  6. I book marked this one to come back to! I would love to make one or two of these for Game
    Day! Perfection and so yummy looking!

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