vlog 1: I’m Starting A Vlog!

I announced last week that I am starting a weekly VLOG! I am constantly taking video of the kiddies, so I thought it would be fun to give you all an uncut look into our lives. This first video is from our trip to the North Fork.

In my first clip, you’ll see our time spent at Harbes Farm, our visit to One Women Vineyard (the girls are drinking iced tea but pretending its “line” (I mean wine!), and floating on the Long Island Sound with our newest float member, UNI. Oh and let’s not forget this massive trampoline we discovered, that had me feeling like a kid again. Ryder was actually away at camp and did not make this cut, which he’s pretty bummed about, but I promise he’ll be in the next one. And ps can you think of anything else we can name this, I don’t particularly like the word VLOG!

These videos take quite a bit of time to edit, but I’m hoping to produce a video once a week! Would love to hear what you think or what you would like to see more of! And be sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel, that way you can get alerts when the new videos come out!

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