Sunday Styles: Sweet Bear Co.

This year, we’ve had a super mild fall season. Temps are way above their norm, and the leaves in the City have barely started to change. Whereas I never wish for colder weather, but fall is definitely my favorite season, especially when it comes to fashion. This weekend, we headed out east, where we were finally able to experience a proper fall. The leaves were different shades of orange, red, green and yellow. It truly was the perfect weekend escape.

I packed a heavier wardrobe for the kids, including this super classic pea coat from Sweet Bear Co., that I’ve been dying to have Siella wear. This chic classic wool blend Cub Coat is a must have to get your little one through the brisker months. This double breasted unisex coat features brass buttons, flap pockets, and a cute interchangeable arm patch. This coat is sure to become a staple in your children’s wardrobe, as well as the perfect heirloom piece.

Siella loved that she could change out the arm patches, and plans to do so everyday she wears the coat. The patches include a fox, beaver, reindeer, an apple and more. Other accessories from Sweet Bear include a navy Cub Hat and Scarf.

Sweet Bear Co. is available exclusively at Maisonette, in sizes 18 months – 10 years. It’s a timeless piece perfect for all of the fun, upcoming holiday events, regardless if they are dressed up or down.

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