Stroller In The City 3.0

If you’ve visited my site in the past two weeks, you would have discovered that Stroller In The City has a whole new look! This is the third time since inception in 2010, that I’ve revamped my website. I’m psyched to share all of the new features, and designs, which have been in development for the past few months.

I worked closely with David, from Dryve Marketing, to remain true to the look and form, while focusing on larger pictures, clearer typography and new methods of interaction throughout the site. The most prominent, and probably my favorite of all the changes, is the new header photo. The photos are larger, font is different, and commenting is all one space; rather than the old Facebook and website commenting section. It was important to preserve the paint splash theme with some tweaks, and I love how the splashes look over the titles of each post.

Some new features include, a heart button next to each post, which offers readers the option of letting me know you enjoyed the post, without pressure of writing a comment. If you’d like to pin something on Pinterest, simply move your cursor over the photo, and click the Pinterest paint splash button. The bottom banner features my Instagram feed, updated daily so you can keep tabs on what I am up to! And let’s not forget the most important buttons- the share buttons!

I really enjoyed working with Dryve on this project, and I am super excited to hear what you think about the updates. Lay it on me!

PS- If you are looking at this on your mobile vs. computer, the layout is completely different. 


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