Step Into The Sunlight

For all of us, this summer is really all about having fun. Ryder’s tour at sleep away camp ends next Friday, the girls have their own local camp for a week, and I have scheduled minimal work commitments. The girls have made lists of places they’d like to go this summer, and some of the highlights are the beach, the rides at Coney Island, the Hamptons and Gee’s house. In these early weeks of summers, we’ve already managed to check off Gee’s house, and the Hamptons with our week spent in the North Fork for 4th of July.

Speaking of fun of in the sun, you have to check out these SUNS Shoes, which change color in the sun! I absolutely loved the concept, and immediately order them for the girls, and a pair for me too! These freshman styles are pretty simple, including a lace up or slip in versions, with tons of prints to choose from. Siella and Gemma are rocking the Sami Blue Mermaid style, and I have on the Maddie White & Blue Studs.

I showed the girls these sneakers online, so they were psyched when the package finally arrived. In fact, we didn’t even make it out of our lobby before they ripped open the box to check out the kicks. These shoes are like magic. The color change is so vivid, and the shift happens within seconds of hitting the sun light. Once you are out of the light, they return to their original color pretty quickly!

They were so amazed, as was I and could have probably stayed outside all day running back and forth from shade to light watching their “magic shoes” change colors. You want to spend lots of time outside when you wear SUNS, so you can watch them change but we all know how important it has become to protect ourselves from too much sun exposure. Luckily, every pair of SUNS comes with a UV keychain light that can be used to temporarily “customize” or “draw” on the shoes indoors again and again! The UV rays of the light activate the light sensitive dyes, just like sunlight.

The girls love how they change, not to mention how comfy and stylish they are too. I made a video so you could see for yourselves just how neat these kicks really are. Watch them change before your eyes!

And if this isn’t enough to impress you, SUN shoes are more than just stylish footwear; they about brightening people’s day and trying to make the world a little bit better for everyone. The theory is that if we all make an effort to be nicer to each other, through Acts Of Kindness, the outcome has a ripple effect of spreading smiles! Join the movement and be sure to follow #aokSUNS on social media.

SUNS are available for girls and women, and they will be rolling more styles out in time, including some for boys! Which style is your favorite?

Big thanks to for this video!

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