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Dance is such a huge part of Siella’s and Gemma’s childhood. I remember being so excited to take them to their first ballet class. I believe dance is a great way for them to learn focus and patience, and of course get exercise and have fun. My girls are learning to express themselves physically and see how each movement they learn comes together at their recitals year end.

Siella has been taking ballet for four years now and Gemma quickly followed suit two years later. I love watching them grow as little movers and shakers, and seeing their new interests each year. Siella has now moved from ballet into lyrical and hiphop, while Gemma found her jam in hip hop. It’s amazing to see their confidence rising and how much they’ve learned and grown as tiny dancers.

This summer, we took a few classes at Broadway Dance Center for Children & Teens. Siella wants to take her dancing to the next level and possibly get a little more competitive, maybe turn this in to more than a hobby one day. Broadway Dance Center offers training in a variety of dance styles and levels for children and teens so my kids can explore, experiment and challenge themselves to try new things.

In addition to workshops and training for professional and beginning dancers, BDC also has a few drop-in classes geared towards the youngest movers, ages 4 months to 3 years, as well as some caregiver participation classes and adult drop-in Pilates, movement, and prenatal yoga classes. They have over 350 classes weekly, taught by some of the world’s most renowned teachers and choreographers.

Broadway Dance Center started in the early 1980s when New York City was the center of the dance world and evolved to become a one-stop shop for dancers of all levels and styles. Although the locations have moved over the years, BDC was and is a home for teachers and dancers alike. There is a rich history and dedication to dance and training with BDC that is unparalleled and still going strong—so strong in fact that they have expanded to a second location on the Upper West Side!

BDC’s new studio space is at 37 W 65th Street in Manhattan, which is pretty amazing. I can’t imagine a more inspiring location to attend dance classes than near Lincoln Center. I watch Siella’s eyes light up when we walk by and she has talked about several times wanting to be in The Nutcracker! There are so many exciting adventures in store for my kids, so it is important for me to nurture their talents. It’s been thrilling to be a part of a dance school with such a rich history and reputation in the dance community.


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