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At the beginning of the new year, I promised myself to (try to) take better care of myself. At month ten, if I am being completely honest, I have made some changes, but my workout and fitness routines always seem to take a back seat. When the kids were younger, I never had an issue carving out a few days out of the week to workout, but now, their schedules are insane, my work has many demands, and it’s near impossible to find the time.

I definitely have way too much on my plate, and that’s not going to change in the near future; but in speaking with friends, I realize my health is the most important thing. I need to be fit and healthy for my active kids, and my lack of self care doesn’t set the best example for them. With this, I had to sit down and seriously think about exercise routines that can fit into my schedule. I love Soul Cycle, but the class times don’t work, so it’s gym and running for me. We are lucky enough to have an amazing running path along the Hudson, just behind my building, and with the right tunes, I’m all set. Since I long to get on a bike, in the absence of making my spin classes, I’ve decided to bike uptown for Ryder’s afternoon school pickups. I definitely break a bit of a sweat, and feel like I’m getting my workout in. And in my world, a good workout needs to be paired with stylish clothing!

While hitting up my local Target last week, I decided to revamp my workout wardrobe since I’ll most likely be wearing my gear all day long. I discovered these C9 Champion®  Embrace Run Tights with Iridescent Taping around them. I first fell in love with how cool they looked but the Women’s Embrace Run Legging from features Embrace fabric, that hugs you tight and holds you in, I truly love this fit. Perfect for my untoned legs at the moment. With a fit that hugs from your hips all the way to your ankle, this full length tight will help you push through those last few miles while looking fashionable at the same time.

To go with my pants, I scooped up C9 Champion® Tech Fleece Full Zip, which has been essential for our “not really fall” fall weather that we’ve been having! The Hoodie from C9 Champion® features wicking technology and brushed fabric which is ideal for my outdoor workouts in cool weather. With a full zip front, kangaroo pocket and thumbholes, this sweatshirt can pull double duty to wear throughout the day, when I am not working out, and it even comes in a few colors!

There’s just something about having new workout gear that motivates me even more to make time for myself. Hopefully, this beautiful weather will continue so my running and bike runs don’t suffer. Mamas really need to start putting themselves and their health first, and for me, it was the new C9 Campion gear at Target that pushed me to up my fitness routine.

To encourage you all to up your game, I am giving away $50 Target Gift Card to use for your new C9 Champion Gear! Leave me a comment below, describing your favorite workout routine! And be sure to subscribe to the SITC Youtube Channel!


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