Brianne’s Closet: Heading To The Slopes

Jason and I have been an avid winter sports couple for years but now that the kids are into skiing, we have been making an extra effort to hit the slopes as a family, so next week we are headed to Park City, Utah! Just because I am trying to stay warm and dry doesn’t mean my look has to suffer. I have found some great brands and styles that are super functional and also look great. Plus…since I’m always working I like to keep my laptop cozy and safe, too. Here are a few of my favorite styles for the slopes.

1. Ski Jacket  2. Ski Pants 3. White Jacket

4. Smartwool Socks 5. Ski Goggles 6. Laptop Sleeve

7. Pom Pom Hat 8. Smartwool Tights 9. Neck Warmer

10. Gloves  11. Base-layer


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