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SITC hosts ChaiseFitness Event

I had the opportunity last week of hosting an amazing event with ChaiseFitness. My workouts now consist of classes that are under an hour, and they have become quite the chore when trying to squeeze them into my hectic schedule. Before kids, I was able to go to the gym and knew exactly what machines to do that day and actually be motivated while doing them. I am sorry to say but now, I need an instructor to motivate me, as well as workout in an efficient amount of time. I do enjoy working out and love the way I feel afterwards, but if only there was more time in the day. So when ChaiseFitness asked me to host their Fit, Fab, Fly event, I immediately said yes. A workout that involved my job, was all I needed to hear.

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ChaiseFitness was created by mother-daughter duo Lauren and Rachel Piskin. This renowned fitness lifestyle studio was born out of Lauren’s professional experience as a fitness visionary and former competitive figure skater and Rachel’s previous career as a professional ballerina with the New York City Ballet.

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The programs at ChaiseFitness improve flexibility, balance, core development and posture in an environment that is intimate and invigorating. ChaiseFitness is home to the Reinvention Method, a revolutionary chair-based workout that fuses Pilates, ballet, and strength training by incorporating an overhead bungee system, creating long and lean muscles while powerfully strengthening the core.

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When first looking in the ChaiseFitness studio, one could become intimidated, but I have to say each instructor will show you the moves before class, and they are not as challenging as they look. ChaiseFitness is devoted to lengthening and strengthening, nurturing weight loss, and ultimately transforming the body to the best it can be. I have now taken three classes with ChaiseFitness and cannot say how much I adore these classes. I feel incredible afterwards and while these classes are challenging, they are also fun.

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The event went off without a hitch. The fabulous ladies and I enjoyed a complimentary class and afterwards enjoyed lunch from Chop’t and BluePrint Juices, received a mini beauty bar from Priv, and chatted with Zen Home Cleaning service and discovered the cutest tees for kids by Elemental T’s.

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ChaiseFitness currently has two locations, their flagship located in the Flatiron District and at the 92nd Street Y. Visit www.chaisefitness.com for classes and schedules


This post and event was sponsored by ChaiseFitness

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