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Post Cards From Greece

We love to travel any chance we get as a family. It’s a wonderfully enriching experience, and when we travel together as a family helps us build life-long memories that we’ll treasure forever. Although we’ve been to various European spots, a big bucket list item for us has always been traveling to Greece. We’ve been trying to make it happen for years and finally made it happen! We used Elsewhere to plan the trip because they have local professionals who know the areas well and can plan the best trips possible. Today, I’m sharing a little about how awesome Elsewhere works and our fantastic trip to Greece itinerary.

About Elsewhere:

First and foremost, I want to thank Elsewhere for helping make our trip beyond amazing. The thing that makes Elsewhere so unique is their approach to travel planning. Unlike traditional travel agents who live in the USA but plan trips to all parts of the world, Elsewhere taps local experts in your chosen area to help create a uniquely authentic trip. When Elsewhere plans a trip for you, it’s always packed with the best of the best spots – both well-known and tucked away. Using a worldwide network of local experts, the company ensures that you see the places locals know will highlight what your destination offers.


I love Elsewhere’s commitment to sustainable, ethical, and responsible travel. Elsewhere uses the UNFCCC Carbon Offset Platform and selects CERs that meet the highest level of environmental integrity to help keep the carbon footprint of the trip as small as possible. In addition, any trips that feature wildlife or wild ecosystems adhere to the industry’s strictest guidelines. I also love that for every Elsewhere trip, the company works with Plastic Bank to remove 2.2 pounds of plastic from the ocean and plants 10 trees with Eden Project for every traveler who plans a trip with them.

Another amazing point to note is that, unlike common trip planning, where as little as 10% of the money spent on vacation goes to the local economy, Elsewhere’s direct-to-local model allows a whopping 87% of a trip’s dollars to stay in the destination. On top of that, the Elsewhere Charter ensures that guides and drivers used by the company are paid proper wages and work in safe conditions, unlike the vast majority of jobs created by tourism.

Our Itinerary:

Now that you know how amazing Elsewhere is, I want to share our equally amazing trip to Greece itinerary they created for us. We spent eight days in Greece, and thanks to our local expert Albert, we got to experience some of the most amazing sights we’ve encountered anywhere on any trip.


On days one and two, we stayed in Athens at a an incredible 5-star hotel with an artsy, vibrant atmosphere in the center of Greece’s capital, making it the perfect hub for exploring the area. We began the trip with our first day being unplanned. This gave us time to ease into the city and the accommodations and do a little unguided exploration.

Day two found us beginning our adventure in Greece with an Athens walking tour highlighting the unique combination of modern city life and ancient sites that Greece has. Elsewhere booked us an incredible tour with a licensed guide that took us through all the major Athens sites like the Greek Parliament, Temple of Zeus, and Hadrian’s Arch, along with an exploration of Acropolis Hill. We finished our tour with a visit to the Acropolis Museum.

Paros Island:

Next it was off to Paros! We loved the super-posh hotel our guide Albert booked for us. It was walking distance to town, and kids couldn’t get enough of the beach and pool. We spent the afternoon exploring Naoussa and Parikia, two of the area’s most vibrant towns. Naoussa is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, gorgeous beaches, and nightlife, while Parikia boasts traditional architecture, a more laid-back vibe, and beautiful beaches.

Day four was all about the beautiful waters and beaches of Greece. We took a sailboat cruise from Paros to the Small Cyclades and Naxos! We started the tour sailing along the coast of the island of Iraklia until we came to Alimia. At this secluded beach, we were able to snorkel, see a sunken World War II hydroplane, and have a quick snack. From there, we were taken to the island of Schinousa, where we had two and a half hours to enjoy its serene beaches and beautiful waters. We also enjoy an absolutely delicious lunch on the boat! Finally, the boat took us to Naxos, where we enjoyed more fun in the water and a tasty dessert before returning to port. What a day, we were able to see 3 more islands and it was an incredible experience.

Naxos Island:

Next, it was off to Naxos! Albert, our Elsewhere guide booked us another beautiful boutique hotel which had a wonderful blend of modern style, elegance, and classic Greecian flair. Day five found us enjoying the water and views as we took a two hour ferry ride to the gorgeous island of Naxos. We had the day to enjoy the town and surrounding area at our leisure before beginning the next part of our Greecian adventure.

Cooking Class:

Day six was full of food and history, with an in-depth food tour of Naxos that featured amazing eats and a look at the craftsmanship of the area. We began with a trip to a local farm and family to learn about Naxian agriculture and the area’s unique approach to growing vegetables. We were invited into a local Naxian’s home where we made a tradition meal and all sat around the table eating together. The kids were able to roam on their farm and help them care and feed for their animals. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. This too might have also been the highlight of our entire Greece trip. The kids haven’t stopped talking about this unique experience.

Olive Oil Tasting:

Then, we moved on to a family-owned olive oil factory in Eggares Village, where we looked at how olive oil is prepared and a sample of some of their delicious products. We also visited a generations-old pottery workshop in Damalas Village, where we learned how clay is traditionally processed.

Walking Tour:

The morning of day seven was ours to enjoy as we saw fit, and then that afternoon, we were treated to a walking tour of Naxos. We were picked up by car and transported to Naxos Hora (the main town) to begin our tour. We began our tour by stopping at the traditional creamery shop to enjoy some famous Greek cheeses like arseniko and graviera. Then, we continued our walking tour by touring the Venetian Castle of Naxos and enjoyed a light dinner in town along with panoramic views of the castle and port. After that, we visited a family-run candy shop and learned how candies are made using local ingredients. We enjoyed a taste of hot, fresh candies. Finally, our tour ended with a visit to a traditional shop where my husband and I sampled Naxos Citron, a local liqueur.

Day eight found us preparing to leave beautiful Greece. We took five hour ferry ride back to Athens and stayed at our initial hotel, where we packed up in preparation for our flight home. Although, before leaving we had the day to experience more of Athens before we had to leave for our flight. 

This trip to Greece itinerary is just one example of the amazing trips that Elsewhere can plan for you. I have to say, using Elsewhere made the planning such a breeze and truly stress-free, and it was far easier to enjoy the trip without worrying about logistics and having Albert on the ground in the same time-zone as us made everything run super smooth. If you’re planning a trip this summer, I can’t recommend Elsewhere more! Click here for our Itinerary!

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  1. I absolutely love this idea! I have wasted so much time on trips trying to get good shots, and I’m never actually IN any of them!

  2. This is such a cool idea. What better way to get great pictures of the whole family than to have a photographer take them?

  3. oh wow!!! I had no idea Greece is that gorgeous…Stunning views….As you said, every picture is a post card, gorgeous.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience in Greece! Your detailed itinerary and praise for Elsewhere have inspired me to start planning a trip there with my family. It sounds like you had an unforgettable time.

  5. Traveling as a family truly creates cherished memories, and it’s wonderful that you finally checked Greece off your bucket list. Your experience with Elsewhere sounds fantastic, and I’m eager to hear more about how they helped plan your trip and your amazing Greek itinerary. Thanks for sharing!

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