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Five Tips For Family Winter Lip Care

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We live right on the water, and during the winter at times, the wind gusts make you feel as if you are about to be blown over. It’s funny though, these cold temps rarely affect the kids. I guess its something they’ve grown accustomed to, in their short years. Bundling ourselves for the outdoors with proper jackets, hats, scarves, and gloves is the norm, but the mix of the cold winter and dry heat definitely takes a toll our skin for sure. Our hands are super dry, even my scalp takes hit, but the biggest cold weather skin causality are our lips.

Five Tips For Family Winter Lip Care

Regardless of how much I cover my childrens’ little faces during these cold months, they seem to always get chapped lips. I find them picking at their little lips along with licking them because they are cracking so bad. They complain that their lips hurt when eating, especially salty foods. I feel like Siella had the same crack on her lower lip since November.

Five Tips For Family Winter Lip Care

If it’s one brand that knows how to combat dry lips, it’s Carmex®. Originating in Wisconsin, the folks and founders at Carmex are no strangers to long hard winters in the 80 plus year history. I have teamed up with them to share some tips for keeping your lips moisturized during the cold months.

Five Tips For Family Winter Lip Care

Prepare for the conditions

You wouldn’t leave the house in sandals when it’s 30 degrees or under, right? Well, your lips need the same coverage. Apply your preferred Carmex Daily Care lip balm with SPF 15, before you strap on the skis, or build a snow-fort, to keep insulated from the elements.

Don’t lick your lips

This one is hard for my children. When your lips are dry, licking your lips feels like the natural solution. But licking lips can actually dry them out further. Instead, keep a jar or tube of Carmex® handy, and reapply whenever you get the urge.

Apply your favorite Carmex right before bed

Breathing through your mouth, which many of us unconsciously do while sleeping, can lead to dry lips and an unpleasant morning. Keep some Carmex in the bedside drawer for a soothing slumber. I usually wait till my children fall asleep and then apply a thick layer their favorite Carmex lip balm.

Beware of cranking up the heat

Sure, it feels great to step out of the wind and snow, into a toasty family room; but the higher the heat, the drier the air. Consider an extra blanket or a snuggly pair of socks, instead of juicing the thermostat. And, run a humidifier to help balance the air’s moisture.


All you want is to curl up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa? Thats great, but make sure to drink plenty of water too. Dehydration makes it more likely your lips will dry and crack, so keep that water bottle handy.

Five Tips For Family Winter Lip CareFive Tips For Family Winter Lip CareAnd some adults need to deal with cold sores. Before a cold sore outbreak appears, some people even experience a sore throat, fever, swollen glands or painful swallowing. Most cold sore symptoms go away in 7–12 days, but there are ways to reduce future outbreaks, like avoiding triggers. Use medicated lip balm to keep lips moisturized and treat your cold sore with Carmex Cold Sore Treatment when you have an outbreak. Carmex Cold Sore Treatment contains a unique formula that provides relief for the 7 worst cold sore symptoms on contact, helps promote healing and minimizes the appearance, so you can feel more comfortable while your sore heals naturally.

Five Tips For Family Winter Lip Care

Carmex has so many different products there really is something for everyone. Ryder likes the Carmex tube in cherry flavor, Siella loves to carry the Classic lip balm in a jar, and Gemma likes the Carmex Daily Care in strawberry flavor. I enjoy the Comfort Care Sugar Plum made with a blend of colloidal oatmeal and cold-pressed antioxidant-rich fruit seed oil.

Five Tips For Family Winter Lip Care

Whether we are in the mountains skiing, braving the frigid streets of NYC, or just having a snowball fight in Gee and Bugs yard, I always have an arsenal of Carmex to protect their little lips. Here’s to embracing and enjoying the winter months. I’d love to hear which Carmex product is your favorite!

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11 thoughts on “Five Tips For Family Winter Lip Care”

  1. I always have a tube of this laying around. By my work-space, in my car, on the night stand in my bedroom, in my purse…..

  2. I’ve been trying to “train” myself to no longer lick my lips because I just know that it’s one of the main reasons why my lips are always so dry. I had never really heard of Carmex but I definitely should check it out!

  3. Anything you’ll make my lips survive this winter I am definitely willing to try. I have not used Carmex in years but I knew it works well.

  4. Kelly Hutchinson

    I’ve actually used Carmex before and it really is effective with dry lips. It happens to me during the dryer seasons.

  5. My son is bad for licking his lips. I haven’t heard of Carmex before but I will be picking some up the next time I go shopping.

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