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Enhancing My Color with Clairol

It’s funny how our priorities shift once you have kids. I have been putting color in my hair for as long as I can remember and was extremely blonde for a long period of time. And was “that girl” who went religiously every 6 weeks to touch up my roots. But once I had Ryder, those long hours spent in the salon became less and less. So I’ve been rocking an ombre` style for over a year now and find it’s the most manageable to maintain and lucky for me it’s sort of still in style. Instead of hitting the salon every other month, it’s turned into every 6 months. Raising three small children and now working practically full-time; my new look is way more manageable and affordable.

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I was just recently introduced to Clairol’s Natural Instincts, at-home hair color. Natural Instincts is more of a glaze and completely fool-proof for moms like me that want a little boost in their color in-between salon appointments. Natural Instincts is an ammonia-free formula, gentle on hair, and doesn’t lift existing color. It’s also great for blending away grays for women who don’t notice a ton of gray hair, but still want the coverage. The formula works as a gloss in just 10 minutes, making color touch-ups easy.

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This past week, I popped into the James Corbett Studio for a lesson on Clairol’s Natural Instincts and how to use it at home. The James Corbett Studio is a luxurious, serene oasis in the midst of the Flatiron District. In addition to his work at his salon, Corbett teaches color classes and shares his expertise, tips and tricks across media platforms. He is a consultant for Clairol and teaches his clients how to use color at home. His philosophy that a visit to his salon should not only beautify, but also empower and uplift lead him to establish Hair2Help, a non-profit that provides complimentary beauty and wellness services to cancer patients and their caregivers. As Corbett’s studio and career continue to thrive, he remains that inspirational artist/best friend who masterfully brings out the beauty, and positive energy, of every client who sits down in his chair.


James Tips:

James used Clairol’s Natural Instincts Suede color, which is a light brown on my hair. He applied the color from my roots to mid-shaft, since he wanted to keep my ends bright and blonde.

Creating a darker base with Natural Instincts actually helps to cover early gray hairs and makes the contrast between the light and darker ends of ombre`even more vibrant

At-home, you can avoid coloring ends by coating them in olive oil, which creates a barrier on hair. After coloring, rinse and condition scalp in the sink/shower and try to avoid getting ends wet.

Also note that using the product all-over would have still kept the contrast, but would have made a subtle ombre` (sombre) vs. the bright ombre` she has now!

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Since Clairol Natural Instincts is formulated with aloe, vitamin E and coconut oil, it’s clinically proven to be less damaging. And my favorite is that it gently blends away grays with 0% ammonia and 80% more hydrating conditioner.

Thank you James, I am loving my new and enhanced ombre!

This post was sponsored by Clairol.

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