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Drink up!

Can I just say, I’m in complete hell as a result of sleepless nights.  I have been waking up at least twice a night with Siella AND Ryder has been waking up too!  They seem to alternate every hour and half as if they planned it…yep, no sleep for me. At first, Ryder was woken by nightmares but the past few nights have been for no reason at all. I found a little something to help at the end of my crazy days to get ready for my sleepless nights….. This week, I attended a Momtrends night, which has pretty much become my monthly night out.  At the Zutano (more to come tomorrow) theme event was Mommy Juice Wine. I love the name, taste, look of the bottle, and everything it stands for…a mom trying to juggle it all.


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