Cotton Tails and Bunny Trails

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Budding flowers and April showers and all the pretty pastels truly put a smile on my face. I love the changing seasons and I especially love holidays that mark the beginning of a season. I love a snowy white Christmas, a hot and sunny 4th of July and Thanksgiving with the last falling leaves and crisp air. But one of my favorite holidays is Easter because it really gets me in the mood for spring. Bunnies and eggs and baskets filled with goodies. Easter is truly the sweetest holiday.

Every year I put together baskets for my kids filled with goodies and toys from the Easter Bunny. My siblings and I all got big Easter baskets as kids, so of course I am continuing the tradition with my family. The soft paper grass will be topped with chocolates, jelly beans, plastic eggs with surprises inside, and year after year, I make sure to add in a special plush from Apple Park. These sweet little bunnies are perfect for Easter with their cute dresses and soft ears. They come in an assortment of colors and each bunny is made of 100% organic cotton sherpa cotton and filled with sustainable corn fiber. Their eyes, nose and mouth are hand sewn and comes wearing an attached floral or rainbow printed dress.

My girls absolutely adore the brand and their beds and baby doll beds are filled with almost every animal and doll Apple Park has ever created. They truly are collectibles. Apple Park is one of our favorite brands, they have a mission I can get behind, which makes me want to support them even more. Plus, you can’t match the quality and craftsmanship of the beautiful Apple Park plush toys and dolls. The brand was created by a family of experienced toy makers focused on making luxurious products with eco-friendly materials in an environmentally responsible way.

The Apple Park plush toys are perfect for gift giving any time, but even more perfect for Easter. The adorable little bunnies I added to my kids baskets represent spring for me because they are organic and green. Apple park also sells PJs, backpacks and lunchpacks, accessories, toys and books for babies and beyond.

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