vlog 5: Back To…

Happy Friday everyone! With fall schedules in serious high gear mode during the week, the weekends are so much more cherished now. School is closed Monday for Columbus Day, which means three full days of no schedules, no soccer games, and I couldn’t be more psyched!

Fall for us is practically like a new year. Back to school, back to weekday activities, back to packed schedules, and the start of new routines. With this, VLOG 5 is about our many “back to’s.” Here are some of the Vlog highlights below.

September welcomes fashion week, and in its honor, there is the cutest Snoopy Exhibit down the street from our apartment, in Brookfield Place.

We hit up the San Gennaro Feast! Always a must in September!

Dance school and gymnastics class are back in full swing for the girls.

The girls sooo miss each other while they are at school!

We’ve discovered a whole new neighborhood with Ryder’s new school uptown.

And soccer is back! Look who sponsored Siella’s team this year..that’s right..Stroller In The City!!!

Happy Fall!


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