Must Have Apparel For Kids On The Slopes

Kids skiing and snowboarding gear can be a challenge. I want to make sure they are warm and dry but also not totally encumbered with needless layers. Base layers are a must for the kids and reliable outerwear, too. Polarn O. Pyret makes amazing snowsuits and winter accessories for children that not only perform well but also look great. Gemma and Siella can rock the one-piece, while Ryder needs the two piece ensemble. I am also serious about safety on the slopes. The more the kids are out there, the more adventurous they become and this means safety gear is essential. Check out my favorite styles for kids snow gear, helmets included.

Helmet/Goggle Combo || Cuff Glove ||Moto Gear Goggles

Snowsuit Onesie || Thermals || Padded Pants

Marino Wool Top || Wool Pants

Snow Helmet || Balaclava || Shell Glove

Shell Pants || Parka


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