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I love living in the city, but I feel that I am super lucky to live so close to my parents house in the burbs. Many of my friends’ families live in other states, or even in other countries, so I don’t take our situation for granted. We definitely take advantage of it, spending plenty of time there. I joke with my mom all the time that her house, the house I grew up in, is now our summer house. We’ve been searching for that perfect second home for years with no luck, so until then, we are very content hanging out with the kids’ “Gee” & “Bug”.

One of the huge perks about their house is their gigantic backyard. They have a big pool with a slide, bikes, and swings. It’s like a kiddie sanctuary back there. A lot of time, I choose toys that the kids can play with just in their backyard. Living in the city, those fun outdoor games and toys are off limits, because most of us do not have the space or backyard.

After years of watching Bug grill it up, the girls have been asking for a fake BBQ. They love playing make believe restaurant, so when I saw this set offered by Step 2, I knew they had to have it! The All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy is Step 2’s newest from their spring 2017 collection.  This kid’s playhouse features an attractive and realistic stone-stacked design, and will blend into any backyard setting. It’s kept my littles entertained for hours with the pretend play kitchen grill under the canopy, and they have been hosting plenty of their own backyard parties.

On one side, there is a sand and water play area, which comes with several accessories and lid for splish and splash fun. It doesn’t come with sand, so we promised the girls they could take some sand home during our next trip to the beach.

The All Around Playtime Patio comes stacked with accessories like plates, cups, utensils, and frying pans. And the best part, it was super easy to put together!

Step 2 brand has grown so much with my children. They made Ryder’s first kitchen, and all three have used their iconic push car! The Playtime Patio is available for 25% off using the code SUMMER20 at check out! Happy Grilling!


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