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Ryder left for camp on Saturday, so last week was a frenzy of shopping and prepping for his three weeks away. I’m all about shopping for summer clothes, but packing for sleep away camp is a whole different ballgame. I made a ton of lists, bought iron-on labels for his clothes, and thought I overpacked. All this, and somehow, I already have a box to ship him, because as it turns out I did forget a few things!

H&M has always been my number one destination to shop for the kids. so I knew they would be perfect for camp prep. In addition to all the tees and shorts that I know Ryder loves, H&M had shoes, underwear, swim suits, and jackets for his trip. I even found sheets for his bunk in the home section.

Siella had to get in on the action too! She is not going to away to camp, but getting this girl new staples for summer was an absolute must. H&M not only had a great selection, but deals like Buy Two Get One Free were avail on some basic styles. And our favorite summer shift dress was just $4.99! I ended up buying multiples in some prints and styles!

At first Ryder wasn’t into the idea of “shopping,” but that changed as we walked around and he started picking out these sunnies and everything! By the end, he was putting together outfits and his pile topped Siella’s!

Siella had too much in her fitting room, so we had to edit. She picked out so many styles that there probably aren’t enough days in summer to wear it all. Some of it I couldn’t resist, and took home some extra items for Gemma too!

This trip to H&M turned out to be a lifesaver. I picked up cool, trendy clothes for my kids, at affordable prices. And, best of all, the kids love their new stuff, and can’t wait to rock it this summer.

Ryder’s leaving for camp is a whole other post in itself. Tears galore! I may be sad, but at least I know he went in style, and prepped for anything. And now that the kids are set for the warm weather, I need to take another trip to H&M for Jason and I!

Below are a few of our favorites we picked out for summer!


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