Family Ventures Captured

Jason and I may not know where we see ourselves living long term, but one thing that we absolutely agree on is that we want to continue to traveling as often as possible with our children. With so many destinations on our bucket lists, we welcome what the future has in store for us. Whether it’s a weekend trip, or a trip across country, even the kids look forward to our travel excursions, because we are all guaranteed to be together without any (or hopefully minimal) interruption.  One thing is unanimous..we all love the warm weather, the salt ocean air, and the beach. We are all the most content when at the beach. Jason and I always joke that our kids have more stamps on their passports, than we did by our twenties.

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When we are on vacation, I am typically behind the camera. I want to capture these memories in the making, so we can look back at that special time. As much love photography and experimenting with different light, I mostly cherish our full family photos, but those seem to be scarce . It’s really hard to ask a stranger at times to snap a photo while the kids are running in different directions, and if we can nail them down, I’m usually not thrilled at the way they captured the photo.

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Prior to leaving for California, I discovered Flytographer, a company who has local photographers all around the world ready to snap your special moment. I immediately hired them as I knew we would want this trip documented the right way. Our local photographer met us at our hotel in Santa Monica, for about a half hour, she snapped shots of us playing, strolling together on the beach, and really just being ourselves. As few photos were staged, my favorites are the candid ones. These photos have become the best souvenir we were able to take home.

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Booking with Flytographer was super easy! We simply browsed through their photographer galleries to find the photographer we liked. There is even an option where you check out their most popular local backdrops for cities like New York, Paris, Rome, London or Los Angeles. Book your date and a Shoot Concierge will confirm ideal times and availability. Then, you will get a “Shoot Scoop” email with all the details. It’s really simple, and everything is processed online.

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We have a few trips planned over the next couple of months, and while away, we plan to hire Flytographer’s local photographers. We will be guaranteed to get great family photo’s everywhere we go. Listening to my children talk about their travel experiences is something for which I am extremely grateful, and now having them look back at these professional family photos, they will surely be cherished for years to come.

SITC received complimentary photo shoot via Flytographer. All opinions are my own.

Custom Capsules Of Childhood

The other day when someone asked the age of my middle daughter, Siella and the word three came out of my mouth, it hit me. I realized that she was such a mature girl for her age. We sometimes engage conversations than I am unprepared to get into with her, but I just go with it. While she looks up to her big brother, trying to keep up with him, and sometimes surpassing him. And yet, she nurtures her little sister in every which way she can. Siella is a strong little girl, a warrior, and I hope that she will never lose that spunk. Her beautiful, loving soul is larger than life, and I am beyond lucky to be able to call her my daughter.

With Siella, it’s always rainbows and butterflies, so when it comes to choosing her wardrobe, I tend to put a great deal of thought and heart into my selections. I try to curate her wardrobe, and all my children’s wardrobes, to reflect their personalities. For Siella, its all about flowy dresses, ditsy prints, tutus, and always, lots of pink. Since she has started dressing herself, I am drawn to clothing that I know she will enjoy, as well as collections of brands that I know she will be able to express herself with.


A new online resource I recently discovered is With over 120 kid’s fashion brands, offers the best in children’s style. They carry some of my favorite brands including Stella McCartney Kids, Little Marc Jacobs, Desigual, and my newest favorite Chipie. At, you’ll find a rare selection of products at every price range. They make online shopping super easy as I browse and pick out items for the kids with their inspiration boards, where I commonly stumble upon other brands and styles that would suit them.


Siella’s flared dress from Chipie is made of pure cotton poplin, with crochet knit flowers accented on the sides. When I first saw this dress, I immediately wished I could have one in my size. In fact, lately, I find myself feeling the same way about many of my children’s clothes. While packing our bags for our California trip, Siella caught a glimpse of the dress, and immediately asked if it was for her. She squealed about how beautiful it was, and asked to wear it as soon as we arrived in LA. Her sandals, also purchased on, are Pom d’Api. This brand has become a staple in the girl’s wardrobe, as I love the quality, and the different colors and styles that are available. I ended up picking up a few pairs that I know will carry the girls all through summer.

IMG_1849 IMG_1871 copy IMG_1874

As my children get older, and these threads will eventually become too small, it will be these vivid memories and photos that I will have as treasured keepsakes, and cherish dearly.

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