Call To Action

Over the years, this platform has brought my family and I incredible opportunities, and we couldn’t be more grateful. With all that we have been lucky enough to receive, I have made it a point to give to those who are less fortunate. With or without this blog, giving back is a quality that I am determined to teach my children. They live in a city where they are exposed to a great deal, and they regularly witness homeless people living on the subway and people sleeping on the street corner in the dead of winter. While I can’t give money to everyone we cross paths with, it is my job as a parent to teach my children to give and offer assistance in different ways.

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While on the subway recently, a man was asking for money, everyone tried to keep their heads buried in their smartphones, avoiding eye contact. Everyone, except my son who grabbed a banana out of his bag and handed it to the man. I think the whole subway car welled up, as I watched with pride. With selfless actions such as this, or donating some old toys to shelters, I try to teach my kids the importance of offering that helping hand.

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Two of our favorite brands, Earth’s Best and Ella’s Kitchen have partnered with No Kid Hungry to support efforts to end childhood hunger in America. The brands have donated funds to provide 1.5 million meals through No Kid Hungry. No child should ever grow up hungry, yet millions of children in the United States struggle with hunger; not because our country lacks food, but because families in need do not always have reliable access to nutritious meals. To help drive further awareness for No Kid Hungry, specially-marked packages of Earth’s Best and Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food pouches are now available at select Walmart stores, making it easier for consumers like you to get involved.

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My family and I had the opportunity of putting together a package for our local shelter, The Bowery Mission, over the weekend. Since 1879, The Bowery Mission has served homeless, hungry and poor New Yorkers, and currently serves over 1,000 meals every day to the homeless and poor, as well as distributes bags of groceries to neighbors struggling to make ends meet. The kids and I packaged up some of our favorite snacks from Earth’s Best and Ella’s Kitchen, along with items such as canned soups, peanut butter, cereals, and snack bars. While each kid enjoyed choosing their own items to include, I think they understood how they were helping other children like them, who are less fortunate.

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Using proven, practical solutions, No Kid Hungry is working to end childhood hunger today by ensuring that kids start the day with a nutritious breakfast, while helping families learn the skills they need to shop and cook on a budget. I am asking each one of you for a CALL TO ACTION.

Share your posts on Instagram with @strollerinthecity and the hashtags #FeedKidsinNeed and #NoKidHungry, showcasing how you work with your family to end child hunger.


We will select a winner to receive a $100 gift card to Walmart stores to create their own gift basket to donate to a charity of their choice.

Thank you Ella’s Kitchen and Earth’s Best for sponsoring this post.  


As I mentioned in previous posts, we are headed to Los Angeles for spring break. Jason will have been out there for 2 week for work, so I will be flying solo with the kids next week. I’m a nervous wreck about the impending six hour flight alone, and I have already started packing our bags, and searching for toys and activities, that will keep the kids occupied. While this trip is a vacation, I am also keeping an open mind about possibly moving out there, and I think that feeling has left me super emotional.

I can’t help but feel torn about what to do, as our family has come to this major crossroad. It’s no secret that I live, love and breath New York City, and it is my dream to raise my children here, but I have been doing it alone. Jason’s job has him traveling way too often, and it’s become taxing on all of us. He is in Los Angeles alone missing us, while I am caring for three young children alone without my partner; it just doesn’t feel right. The pros and cons of a potential relocation have pulled me in every direction. While my heart is saying yes it’s time for more, this city that holds a special place in my soul is holding me back.

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I know we would all have a blast out west. We would be back to our family unit of five, which is something we all need. After our rough NY winter, we will all welcome the California sunshine with open arms. Sure, I love the changing of the seasons, but waking up to sunshine every day would be incredible. I feel the transition would be easy for the girls, since they still young. However, with Ryder, sure he would love all the time spent outdoors, but we are on such a good track with teachers, doctors, and therapists, that I am not sure we should introduce change at the moment.


While most of my thinking has been centered around the children and our family, it finally hit me that it was affecting me in a big way. Just the other day while picking Ryder up from school, one of my neighbors asked me if I was still with my husband. Of course, the comment sent a lump right to my throat, as I held back the tears and uttered that he was just home for ten days, before heading back to LA that morning. The comment left me thinking about how much I am really by myself. When Jason is away, I think I just switch into survival mode- working off lists and getting things done. I am starting to realize with the constant caring of my three little people, I am barely caring for myself. It’s just not a way to live.

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In speaking with my friends and family, they all seem to rally behind California. For some reason, they say my vibe is more California than New York anyway (huh!), and they could totally see us living there. I too can picture our family there, with Jason around in the mornings and evenings, and especially the weekends. And while I picture this new life we may start, I think about the rest of my family, our incredible friends, our neighborhood, and this amazing city. It would be so hard to leave them behind. I know I can move anywhere with my job and this blog, but NYC is a major hub for my business, and that would mean leaving a piece behind and I am not sure I am ready to do that.

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Hopefully after a week in California, I will have some more clarity on the situation, but as the trip approaches, I can’t even think about it without shedding tears. I feel like I’m in limbo and just wish the decision could be made for me.


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