A Classic Escape

This weekend, the kids and I enjoyed a staycation at The Surrey Hotel on the Upper East Side, the only Relais & Chateaux boutique hotel in NYC. I love getting away to different parts of the city, because you have the opportunity to experience different parts of the city, at your own pace. Staycations for me remind me of my childhood, as uber local getaways were very popular in my family. My mom worked for a hotel, so along with my sister and brother, we would frequently stay for weekends in the hotel, when she worked long weekends. I remember loving it so much, I actually wanted to move in there. I think those visits are what sparked my love of travel, and of course, New York City.FullSizeRender copy

Jason was traveling last weekend, so I was hesitant about going alone, but the kids quickly adapted, from the minute we arrived. Siella and her mini suitcase packed full of toys, walked around our two bedroom suite bright eyed, as she asked if we can move in there. The grey decor in the spacious rooms, had two marble bathrooms, which alone, felt like the size of our apartment. My favorite were the window seat cushions and their sayings. One read, “Across these rooftops the stories are told from Madison to the park.” The kids each received their own travel journal, filled with fun stickers and pages for them to document their stay. As part of the children’s package, the Surrey provided tickets for the Museum of Natural History.


Once we were settled, I decided to take them out for dinner on Madison Avenue. We ended up at Serafina, for a lovely meal. The children were on their best behavior, as I felt a moment of pride, braving the dinner with them, all on my own. After dinner, we took a stroll through the neighborhood. The kids made sure to climb every stoop, something we never do with all the high rises in Battery Park. The Upper East Side was super charming.


Back at the Surrey, we were greeted by a beautiful fruit plate, which the kids immediately devoured, and a very nice bottle of wine for their mom (me!). After tubbie time in the oversized bathtub, filled with bubbles and lots of giggles, the kids fell asleep early. Gemma was in a crib, and the bigs shared a king size bed. With so much room to spread out, it felt as if another family could’ve joined us. I called Jason repeatedly to tell him how I wished he there to experience this luxurious getaway with us.


In the morning, we ordered room service, and the kids enjoyed their favorites, oatmeal, pancakes, and yogurt parfaits. After breakfast, and a quick trip to the rooftop to soak in the view, we headed to Central Park for a picnic, with the basket, blanket, and toys which the hotel had prepared for us. The picnic basket was filled with small bites, dips, breads, and salads, all from their adjoining restaurant, Cafe Boulud.

IMG_1704 IMG_1726IMG_1562 IMG_1829 IMG_1843 2 IMG_1761 IMG_1869 IMG_1896

We walked a short block into Central Park and set up shop in front of the model sailboats. We snacked and laughed, as Ryder climbed trees, and the girls played with their dolls and new bubble set. By late afternoon, Gemma was ready for a nap, and we headed back to the hotel.

FullSizeRender copy 3IMG_2031 IMG_1583FullSizeRender copy 2IMG_2222 IMG_2494

What a spectacular weekend. The kids didn’t want to leave, and honestly, neither did I. Living in Battery Park, it was a real treat staying uptown, and having the park just block away. The hotel was super kid-friendly, and the staff couldn’t be more accommodating. It was really wonderful to spend time in a residential haven and have access to some of the things that makes New York City so special.

Hotel and accommodations were provided by The Surrey Hotel

Goodness On The Go

The minute I became a mom, I made a conscious decision that I would do my best to teach my children to eat healthy. Baby food was made from scratch, with only the freshest and most organic products. Now that they are older, I still continue their healthy eating routines, and as a result, they have become pretty good eaters, always open to try new foods, and eat whatever I prepare.

In my years as a mom, a brand that I’ve watch evolve is GoGo squeeZ. Starting out with just one flavor, their pure apple sauce, it has now expanded with more flavors, even adding veggies to the mix. Each one of my children love the product so much, that it’s become part of their daily snack when packing lunches, and I seriously can’t keep it stocked in our house, with least three packs consumed daily. They are everyone’s go-to snack, and each child has their own apple sauce flavor favorite. As a mom, I love them because they are easy to throw in your bag when on the run. There’s no mess, and I have to admit that I tend to snack on one myself after a long day in the playground. 
FullSizeRender copyIMG_1342

GoGo squeeZ is passionate about kids play, and this summer they are bringing the Goodness on the Go program to cities near you. Participants can the see the Goodness Machine, specially designed by a NASA engineer, shoot GoGo squeeZ pouches from the top of the machine, by the press of a button. The pouch then floats down on a parachute, into the hands of the waiting recipient. The kids and I took part at the event in Madison Park NYC, and they were blown away by their special delivery.


Slurping down plenty of pouches, Ryder and Siella even recruited other playground goers to get their own treats. GoGo squeeZ helps fuel summer fun, and kids in the park will for sure remember this innovative machine, with its fruity reward.

IMG_1390 IMG_1379

The Goodness Machine is making it’s way to The Mall of America on Aug. 1st, and The Grove in Los Angles on August 6. Be sure to stop by if you’re in town!

Thank you GoGo squeeZ for sponsoring this post. 

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