The Gift Of Dinner

Balancing everything day to day has been a challenge for me, and I am always curious how other mamas do it all. I know I have a tendency to load way too much on my plate, but I love being able to work from home, because it allows me to be there for my children, even if I don’t have a second to myself. With Jason traveling constantly, the pressure of the everyday activities weighs on my shoulders. Weekdays are intense with our busy schedules, so by Friday, I am typically wiped. And now with the holiday hustle and bustle, I need some much needed downtime.

With after school activities and increasing homework assignments, one of the most taxing tasks of the day is dinner preparation. Between planning the meal, picking up the ingredients and then finding the time to cook, I am often left running frantic, at the busiest time of the day. I am not afraid to order in, but there is something nice about a home cooked meal, that I pretty much make happen at least four times a week. As an alternative to take out, I have become a big fan of Kitchensurfing. With this service, a chef comes to your home, to prepare a meal for you and your family. They offer same day service, and options of 6 dinner menus per week, including vegetarian and gluten free options; and all meals include a protein and two sides, served family style. The ingredients brought by your chef are sourced from farms and producers, who are committed to natural, sustainable, and ethically produced food.


With Ryder’s back to back therapies and Siella’s back to back dance classes, Thursdays keep us out of the house until 6:30pm. It’s usually an evening when we order out, but this week, I decided to treat all of us to another dinner from Kitchensurfing. From their menu, I selected Maple-Brined Pork Loin with Cranberry Relish, Collards Greens with Hamhock and Wild Rice. Not only was the entire meal gluten-free, but the pork was a welcome alternative to the normal fish and chicken dishes we cook at home.

Time slots starting at 6pm are available, every half hour, to have your chef arrive. Sure enough at 6:30pm on the dot just as we were getting home, our chef, Bernardo, arrived with all the necessary ingredients and cooking supplies (yes pots and pans too).

IMG_6967 IMG_6982

The girls were fascinated by the chef cooking our kitchen, asking tons of questions about what he was preparing, and regardless of his work load, he was kind enough to take the time to show them. I think it actually made them more excited to try the finished product.

In only 30 minutes, Bernardo was plating our picture perfect meal. After serving us at the table, he cleaned the kitchen, and packed up the pots, pans and condiments he brought with him. Over the course of the meal, he continued to check if we needed anything else. The kids practically licked their plates clean, which came as a surprise, because they are not always as receptive when trying to new things. With full bellies, the only thing left to do was to put our plates in the dishwasher. A very different Thursday evening than other weeks; the kids had a home cooked meal, and I wasn’t completely spent!



Kitchensurfing has been a game changer with our hectic lifestyle, and I have implemented the service as part of our weekly dinner routine. With their rotating menus and affordable prices, it makes sense to continue to use this service. We will be away for the holidays over the next few weeks, so we can skip those weekly reservations, without disrupting our subscription.

Right now, Kitchensurfing offers service in Manhattan below 116th Street, Park Slope, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and Brooklyn Heights, east of I-278, Downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO west of Flatbush Ave./Manhattan Bridge.

I’m excited to offer you all a chance to experience the service by clicking this HERE, and your first meal will be FREE of charge!

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