Taste Of Summer

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Holstein Housewares. I received product samples to facilitate this post well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

The school year is officially coming to an end, and I am hanging onto the next two jammed packed weeks with all my might. With so many activities and events on the books with each of the three of the kids, I’m trying to not miss a beat. Ryder has a two more class trips, an end of year celebration and a little league party. Siella is out of school already, just celebrated her fourth birthday, and pretty much has a playdate almost every day. While Gemma is now tagging along with her big sister, she too has end of year celebrations in her music and ballet class.

Using A Cake Bites Maker Using A Cake Bites Maker

With all these school ending parties and our summer get togethers, there will be non stop baking up yummy treats for all our friends. Siella and Gemma love to help me in the kitchen, and with our Holstein Housewares makers, baking is fun and easy. I am loving our newest Holstein appliance, the Cake Bites Maker because we can make an abundance of treats quickly, with minimal clean up. The slick, easy-to-use treat maker saves us time and energy in the kitchen, with endless homemade treats in just 7 minutes.  Not to mention, the girls had a blast baking them.

Using A Cake Bites Maker Using A Cake Bites Maker

While all Holstein Housewares comes with a recipe booklet, in an effort to keep it gluten-free for Ryder, I tend to make my own mixture. I was so impressed on how the mini cakes came out, we decided to put a spin on it, by turning some treats into cake pops, touring our end of year sweet treats into Pinterest worthy works of art. So, here’s to our almost summer, I cannot wait to have all my babies home and schedule free!

Using A Cake Bites Maker Using A Cake Bites Maker Using A Cake Bites Maker

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