Sunday Styles: Bumbums & Baubles

I’ve never thought about this much until recently, but my children seem to peel through their sneakers in just a few months. I suppose that walking everywhere, and scooting quite often have lots to do with it. Siella was putting her shoes on this morning, and I noticed a hole in the sole. It was a little shocking considering that are only 3 months old!


While shopping recently for a new pair of kicks, I stumbled upon Bumbums & Baubles. I knew the pink metallic would be an automatic winner for Siella, but the added little bauble charms, which are interchangeable, would send her over the moon.

IMG_4731 IMG_4734

Every pair comes with two coordinating baubles, that can be mixed, matched and interchanged. Bumbums and Baubles also make boots and shoes, which come with the same cool accessories.


We have been poking around their site to see which trinkets we can add next to her sneaks!

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