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The Best Beach Snacks for the Summer

There is nothing like sitting on the beach with my family and friends and just enjoying each other’s time. During the summers, we are always

Panama City Beach Girls Trip

Many years ago, I started a little tradition of taking my kiddies on solo trips each year. I felt that these little getaways gave us

A Much Needed Beach Break

With all our lives pretty much on pause since March, I don’t think we all had trouble envisioning what the summer of 2020 would look

The Beach People

There is absolutely no question about it, the beach is my most happy place ever. It is actually a happy place for my entire family,

Beach Games Your Family Will Love

Who likes to play games at the beach?! I know it’s something my whole family loves to do and it’s actually a really great way

Keepin Cool At The Beach

My family is the most content when at the beach. We could spend endless hours there, without getting bored, so when summer hits, it is