Repurposed For Good Part II

About a month ago, I introduced you to Totspot, an app that allows you to post and resell clothing. During this time of year, I decided to sell my children’s clothing to raise money for a charity that is close to my heart, the Make A Wish Foundation. I have to say, I’ve really taken this app, and have already turned old garments into funds for my charity. The app subscribers are comprised of mostly mamas, whom have been super welcoming to this newcomer. Their closets on the app have been an inspiration, and some of them have even helped me price certain pieces.


I have had Ryder and Siella involved in the selling process now. Once an order comes arrives, they help pack it, and bring the box to our doorman for the USPS to pick up. With TOTSPOT, once your items sells, they send me the shipping labels pre-addressed to the recipient, I mean the process couldn’t get any simpler.

Now into the holiday week, I am excited to promote my most updated closet as I have added new pieces to my inventory, with the hopes of closing out 2015 in a big way. Some of these pieces were tough to part with, and are from some of my favorite brands like Appaman, Molo, Stella Industries, even a Pippa & Julie dress. But the feeling of being able to hand a check to the Make A Wish Foundation at end of the month, will be well worth it.


In addition to children’s clothing, TOTSPOT now offers a womens and mens selection. While my current shop only contains children’s clothing, I plan to add post another in January, with a few pieces from my closet, and share those proceeds with another charity.


Check out my closet on TOTSPOT. I hope you will find a few items for your kiddies, and feel good about your purchase, knowing all proceeds will be donated to Make A Wish. May you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday season!



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