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Puppy Eyes

You know when your child just comes out of the pool and has purple lips, completely freezing from being in too long but refuses to …

Rock the boat

Today we went to a pool party for my dear friends’ son, Julian. Happy 4th birthday lil man! The shark themed party was tons of …

Pacific Odyssey

The other night we went to dinner to a place called La Mar. O-M-G, the food was amazing and totally set the tone of how we …

Buckle Up

OK leaving for Chile tonight…..bag packed, check, passport ready, check, new bag to tote around in my travels, check! Yeah thats right, I bought myself …

White Out

Yes I am posting another pair of shoes. Luckily, Jason will be happy to know that I have not purchased these Salt Water by Hoy …

Doggie Style

I just realized that in my four months of blogging I’ve failed to mention I have two dogs. Yeap a yorkie and maltese, named Teddy …

Bug Off

We are back from our weekend trip to the country. It was super relaxing and we had an absolute blast! Before we headed there, I …

What a tool

Yesterday, I was gathering up some of Ryders toys he no longer uses to put them in storage. Of course he wanted to play with …

Slim Shady

I “use” to try to purchase a new pair of sunglasses every spring season. And I just realized I’m way overdue in that department, as …

Itty Bitty

We have several birthday parties coming up this month and I am in need of cute gifts! Luckily, a new neighborhood boutique just opened last week …

Basket Weave

Yesterday, my dear friend Julie had a little picnic to celebrate her big “3-0” birthday. It was a huge success – good food, good company, …

In Tune

Ryder and I just signed up for an outdoor class this summer called Music for Aardvarks. We have only been to one session but already …

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