Magic Hour

It’s the second week of November, and while the temps have been warm, you can feel the cold fiery of winter poking its head through, especially during the morning hours on our walk to school. With the holidays around the corner, the excitement from the kids is already stirring along with the weight of the hustle and bustle that comes along with every holiday season. Our daily schedules have been fast paced, shuffling from one place to the next, but I am making sure that at the end of the day, we make a point to enjoy some family time.  It’s that time of day that we all look forward to the most. With Jason being away for long periods of time, I haven’t been able to pass the torch by the end of the day, but somehow, I manage to make bath time, and our reading routine magic for all of us.


I’ve become super inspired by NIVEA’s sweet Fairytale Tins, and have used them to get through our evening rituals. They recently launched four limited edition collectible tins, that come along with a series of fairytale stories and games for families to enjoy together. The beautiful illustrations are designed by international artist Joelle Tourlanias that you are able to download to your computer. On the inside of the lid, you will find a link to an on-line fairy tale, written by renowned children’s author Udo Weigelt. The stories are super sweet to read as a family, after the kids are freshly bathed, moisturized, and sleepy eyed in their jammies. This is a great time to recap on each of our days’ experiences, and what we have coming up on the horizon. We are now entering two huge months, with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and I want to make sure our core family values continue to grow stronger. It’s important to me that my children remember their childhood, and these sweet family moments.



IMG_1837 IMG_1807

The NIVEA Fairytale Tins series embrace the values of the brand and what they stand for – simplicity, care, courage, trust and family. I have been using NIVEA Creme for years, as it continues to protect and care for my skin, and my children’s skin. It has a clinically proven formula containing Eucerit, a unique moisturizing ingredient that helps skin stay soft and supple all day, with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.


The limited edition NIVEA Fairytale Tins are available at Target and Rite Aid from now till December and would make the perfect little stocking stuffers. Sweet Dreams xx!

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