Kids Style File: Faery of Tales

New sweetness alert friends!!! FAERY of TALES are the most precious little jewelry for girls and make the perfect gifts. I am already thinking holiday time. FAERY of TALES books and jewelry are meant to be cherished keepsakes for children and the young at heart; because memories, like fairytales, are meant to last.


Inspired by storytellers from long ago, FAERY of TALES books remain faithful to the original tales on which they are based. The illustrations within these books are personal creations of Susie B., the founder and creative director, who also hand-sketches the charm models for each FAERY of TALES fine jewelry piece.

Each drawing is first reduced to the final charm dimension before being transformed by an artist into a three dimensional wax sculpt. This miniature sculpture is refined to guarantee the original illustrative details that shine through in the final FAERY of TALES charms.


Using the finest precious metals, skilled craftsmen execute each piece with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Following their philosophy simply the best, the FAERY of TALES line is produced in facilities of the highest quality standards, meeting meticulous quality checks.



Celebrate the world’s treasured stories and natural beauty with Susie B.’s FAERY of TALES jewelry, the first multi-generational fine jewelry collection.

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  1. I am always looking for that perfect birthday gift and these precious bracelets are just that. Thank you for sharing!

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