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Greater Williamsburg Road Trip Part I

We are in our longest stretch of not going on vacation and spending quality time together and we are getting antsy. The time between spring break and the end of school always feels like an eternity. The daily grind has me dreaming of summer days with warmer weather, lots of family time, and of course road trips!

Greater Williamsburg Road Trip

Vacation vibes are different in the summer. Jetting off to warm tropical locations is perfect during the frigid winter months but summertime is all about beach days and road trips. We can hop in the car, take our time and stop along the route. We have road trips down to a science with packing the right amount of  snacks, games, and toys. Living in New York, there are so many great places within driving distance along the East Coast—each one is stunning and rich in history. I love to take my kids on relaxing trips but we also do educational ones where we can explore monuments and see historical sites.

Greater Williamsburg Road Trip

A perfect East Coast destination for the family is Greater Williamsburg. And no, it isn’t just Colonial Williamsburg, which side note: is my favorite attraction within Williamsburg because they have the coolest reenactment acting and beautiful grounds. Greater Williamsburg is comprised of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. Williamsburg has spas and parks and of course, Colonial Williamsburg. Jamestown has great restaurants and of course Historic Jamestowne and the Jamestown Settlement . Yorktown has the Historic Yorktown Battlefield but also boutiques, a beautiful waterfront with a beach!

Greater Williamsburg Road Trip

All of Greater Williamsburg is fun and exciting but it also happens to be incredibly meaningful in our American History. On a tour of Greater Williamsburg, the kids can learn about our independence and go paddle-boarding…they can visit the Revolutionary City and hit water rides at Busch Gardens. Ryder loves cool monuments and hikes while the girls are totally into gardens, farmers markets and merchant squares.

Greater Williamsburg Road Trip

Planning the trip is half the fun. Greater Williamsburg has gorgeous state parks and wild activities, theaters, scenic trails, museums, art galleries, a vineyard…the possibilities are endless and it is all a road trip away. There is so much to do you might need and extended stay to see everything—which is fine by me.

Greater Williamsburg Road Trip

Read this post for a list of our favorite places and must-see spots!

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11 thoughts on “Greater Williamsburg Road Trip Part I”

  1. This looks like the kind of vacation that we tend to do. We haven’t been to Greater Williamsburg yet but when we do go somewhere it is usually places that are rich in history. We’re not the type of family to spend a week sitting on the beach….not that I would complain if someone made me do it….we would just get antsy after the first day. We like to always be learning and experiencing new things

  2. Ah, summer vacation.
    I can not wait! The kids are done school in less than 3 weeks and then the fun begins.
    We will be doing a lot around the province and save the sunny sandy beaches for the winter.
    I would love to check out Williamsburg, it looks like it would be great!

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Williamsburg. It looks so pretty and there is so much to do. I’m hoping to get there later this year with the family.

  4. We are also all about the beach days and road trips during summer! I love Williamsburg, particularly Yorktown. Before the kids, the hubs and I visited a few times and enjoyed the waterfront there. Busch Gardens was another fave. I had forgotten all about this so thanks for the reminder. I think we need to take the kids to Williamsburg this summer! 🙂

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