Fleet Week

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Can’t believe I am about to admit this, but in all my years living in Manhattan, I’ve never taken my children to the Intrepid. We’ve been invited there on several occasions, for events and birthday parties, but our schedules had always conflicted. Whenever we pass the massive ship docked permanently on the Hudson, I always tell myself that we need to get there with the kids. So what better time for our first visit than Fleet Week, taking place before and during Memorial Day weekend, in New York City.

Fleet Week Fleet Week Fleet Week

While shopping this week, I noticed that Frito-Lay was offering kids free passes to Association of Science Technology Centers (ASTC), such as the Intrepid. This partnership was created to encourage today’s youth to explore the wonders of STEM by visiting their local ASTC science center and museum for a unique hands on experience. Since the girls and I watched the Parade of Ships sail into the Hudson on Wednesday, I thought would be the perfect time to head up to the Intrepid museum to explore. I picked up a Frito-Lay 2 Go variety pack, so I could take advantage of the free admission. These passes offered some relief from the traditionally pricey entrance fees to the museum, only needing to buy a ticket for myself and Jason was a welcome savings.

Fleet Week Fleet Week Fleet Week

The ASTC association is not limited to relationships with museums. Over the last 3 summers, Ryder has attended a STEM science camp, under the same affiliation. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education) is everywhere; and I love being able to expose our children to as many museums that touch upon these topics. After all, science is our world from the stars to the ocean, technology is our computers and smartphones, engineering is our roads and environmentally friendly machines, and math is part of our family budget and many bills.

Fleet WeekFleet Week Fleet Week Fleet Week Fleet Week

When packing for excursions, even as short as this one, snacks and sippy cups are always a must. The girls packed their favorite Lays Chips from our Frito 2 Go pack, along with their own little purses to go. The three of us were enamored by all the fighter planes stationed line by line, on the top deck of the ship. One was cooler than the next. Roaming around the flight deck and checking out the inside of the bunks was a real treat for the girls. We even met a few sailors along the way.

Fleet Week Fleet Week

The only downside to the day was that Ryder missed out because of school, but I am already planning to take him back next week, using another pass from my Frito-Lay 2 GO pack!

Fleet Week Fleet Week Fleet Week

Families can get their pass with the purchase of one specially marked Frito-Lay 2 Go 20 count Variety Pack, now until June 5th. Just look for the packages featuring an astronaut, dinosaur or robot. For a list of participating ASTC museums, you can visit www.FritoLay2Go.com

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4 thoughts on “Fleet Week”

  1. How fun is that. I’m embarrassed to admit I knowledge of Fleet week comes from musicals that I believe were written in the 1950s 🙂

  2. I’ve been to NYC dozens of times and I didn’t even know that the Intrepid was there! Putting it on my summer list for when I finally take Evan to the Big Apple!

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