Date Nights With Ease

You all know about my single wife status. Jason usually travels for work, for weeks on end while I hold down the fort over here. While some stretches are more difficult than others, it’s something I’ve grown accustomed to, and now I accept it. The kids too are pretty used to it, and honestly during the week there’s so much going on that it doesn’t impact them much unless there are weekend activities. Shockingly, Jason was home for the majority of February and I have to say, it’s been nice even though he was still working. On most of those days, he works out of the apartment, so at least I have him around, to conquer and divide.

During his time in New York, I wanted to make a conscious effort to share one on one time together, even if it was just a quick dinner on a week night. While we do have a regular day time sitter, she lives way too far to stay late, so I usually make it a point to not go out during the week, unless it’s for something major. When that’s the case, I call my mother because my list of local sitters has pretty much depleted. For the first two weeks he was home, we just passed on dinner together because we didn’t have child care, but by the third week, I was desperate to get out so I turned to Chime, the new service launched from the creators of Sittercity.

Finding A Babysitter With Chime

Sittercity is a pioneer in online childcare, and a trusted expert source by over 3 million parents. Chime hand picks their sitters, following a strict vetting process, which includes an application, in-person evaluation, enhanced background check, identity verification and social media screening. In fact, only 1 in 5 make the cut.

Finding A Babysitter With Chime

While researching candidates, I could see their experience, reviews and ratings from other parents, along with video interviews and the sitter’s contact information for any further screening. Following my research, I was drawn to Quinn; a 28 year old with over 14 years of experience, with 45 reviews, all singing her praise.

Finding A Babysitter With Chime

Upon booking Quinn, I immediately received an email from her personal account, in which she asked about my children and special things she should know. After my brief description of the children and their ages, I informed her that by the time she arrived, they would be bathed and pretty much ready for bed. The chat reassured me that they would be in good hands, and I expect it puts her at ease, as she comes in more informed when she walks in the door.

Finding A Babysitter With Chime

Wednesday evening, Quinn showed up right on time. She immediately complimented the kids on their art work, that hung in my doorway. She knew to remove her shoes and wash her hands. This is something that I’m crazy about, and can’t believe that sitters actually need to be reminded about these babysitting 101 musts. The girls immediately started playing with Quinn, as I continued to give her a brief rundown of how the night should go. I felt very confident that our shorties would be in good hands while we were gone. We even let the kiddies watch TV in our bedroom, as this has now become a little treat for them.

Jason and I opted for a restaurant on the corner, so we were close to home. I texted Quinn an hour into our date, and she assured me that all three were sound asleep. With minds immediately at ease, we could enjoy the rest of the evening.

Finding A Babysitter With Chime

Back at home, Quinn let us know who listened and who didn’t, and to my surprise, she even cleaned a pot I left soaking in the sink. Since bookings and payments are completed through Chime’s website or app, there was no need to exchange cash, and with no subscription fees, the service is completely commitment free; although I have to say we will totally be using them again!

Psyched to offer all SITC readers a special promo code from Chime by Sittercity to use for your next night out! First time users in the Boston, Chicago, NYC, and Washington DC areas can enter “STROLLER” for a $100 credit!

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8 thoughts on “Date Nights With Ease”

  1. Oh you have this mama at both the fact youfelt comfortable texting and that Quinn clean the pot in the sink 🙂 🙂

  2. Date nights are so, so important and so much better when the kids are happy with the babysitter. We have no family around, so we have had to rely on babysitters!

  3. I so know what it is like to be a single wife. It’s hard to fit in date nights! I would love to try out a service like this!

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