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Working in my industry, I am amazed by how far technology has come the past 5 years. The fact that I am able to do just about everything from my cell phone is crazy, but liberating. Recently, I was on the subway, and noticed just about every person traveling alone was using their phones. Usage varied from playing games, to reading emails, taking photos, and of course checking their social media accounts. I have to admit, that I am absolutely one of those people tied to the cell phone, but with all this time on these devices, I really feel they be doing something more for us.

Why You Should Switch Your Phone Service To The People's Operator

I’m happy to announce that I just switched my phone service to The People’s Operator, which provides good service, while through multiple channels, also contributes to social good. 10% of each bill is directly donated to a charity, chosen by the subscriber, at no extra cost. I am a strong supporter of Save The Children, and any excuse to raise money and awareness for them is a no brainer. With TPO, I can literally support my charity simply by using my cell phone. I really can’t think of an easier way to lend support.

Why You Should Switch Your Phone Service To The People's Operator

The People’s Operator launched two years ago in the UK. They had the ability to raise funds for a wide range of social causes, all while providing high quality mobile service. Social change and exciting philanthropic advocacy lies at the heart of the TPO’s business operation, which speaks to the consumers’ desire to make the world a better place, simply by using their mobile phone. TPO will empower those who wish to “do good” with the means to donate a percentage of their bill to a charity or cause, including TPO cause partners such as World Wildlife Fund, the ASPCA and Feeding America.

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, is working with TPO and recently launched a “global giving platform,” where you can spread awareness for a charity close to your heart, and help rally the community to support your efforts, without having to switch your phone service.

Why You Should Switch Your Phone Service To The People's Operator

I’m psyched to be one of the first members to join at the inception of this movement. The majority of this blog and my journey through motherhood has been teaching my kids to be good people, and give back to others whenever we can. I am always looking for new ways to help, and this concept is just brilliant!

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