vlog 11 – Last Days Of 2017

I recently upgraded my phone right after the new year, and in trading in my old one, I found video clips from our last week of 2017. I thought about including them in my 2018 vlog, but there was just too many, so I decided to make one last vlog of 2017!

In VLOG 11, you’ll see our trip to Rock Center to have breakfast with Santa. Gemma ice skating is just the best to watch. Along with a trip to Magnolia Cupcakes and Times Square. I also managed to capture a few clips from Christmas morning and the kids opening up their presents.

But my ultimate favorite ever, is New Years Eve. We didn’t go out this year and decided to cook a nice meal and be with the kids, my favorite type of New Years Eve anyway. The kids were determined to stay up till midnight, and the parents did everything in their power to have them stay up late, and have fun while doing so. To pass some of the time, we decided to play a game of poop the potato! You guys, this game is hilarious and fun for the whole family. I’m not going to spoil too many details, you’ll have to watch vlog 11 to find out.

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Happy New Year!



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