A Valentine Coffee Date

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Since having kids, the idea around Valentine’s Day has evolved from romantic dinner with my sweetie, to cute treats for my three little sweeties. Not as sultry as years past to say the least, but by the time February 14th comes, we are either too busy to even notice, or wait to just celebrate my birthday, five days later. Jason and I use to set out on little trips, or extravagant nights out in the city, but with his hectic travel schedule, it has been rare that we spent one, or both of these holidays together. In fact, since we met in 2003, he has been working on-location in February maybe 85 percent of the time.

We try to celebrate “us” every other day of the year, and I do feel this challenge makes our love stronger, but what woman doesn’t like Valentine’s Day? I can be a sucker for the chocolates and flowers and ooey-gooey romance. Miraculously, Jason is home for the next few weeks, so we decided to be crafty and have a romantic day-date, as a Valentine’s Day warmup. Nothing crazy, nothing outrageous, just an afternoon hanging out, while the kids are at school. I’m talking coffee, sweets, talking, laughing, reading newspaper and magazines articles aloud to each other. Such a nice break from buzzing cell phones, social media and other distractions. Oh yeah, and no work!

While I prepped for our afternoon, Jason shuffled the kids off to school. I whipped together some brunch, along with some V Day treats, and brewed some coffee, using my trusty K55 Keurig® brewer. Heart shaped waffles, chocolates, berries, jams, some flowers and our favorite coffee pod flavors. Jason and I prefer different types of coffee, so a pod system coffee brewer is ideal for us. Green Mountain Coffee® Wicked Winter is up Jason’s alley. After my morning dose of caffeine, I like to sweeten it up with Green Mountain Coffee® Toasted Marshmallow Mocha topped off with a giant marshmallow, which usually does the trick.

The festive Keurig Valentine’s Day treats station from our day-date was perfect for when the kids came home from school, too. Coming off the holidays, we had a similar hot bevi bar with Swiss Miss® Hot Cocoa, treats and sweets, so they’ve grown accustomed to having a warm drink after school. I now make it a point to have a spread for special playdates with friends.

Once mom and dad had a chance to connect and be present with each other, it is so much easier to do so as a family. Our day date was just what we needed to unwind, while reminiscing about the old days, and realizing how thankful we are for our lives now. Just think of how thankful we would be with more days like this.

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