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In the past few years, frequent travel has become the norm for our children. We enjoy any escape, large or small, especially on those actual getaways. When Fridays roll around, the big kids are busting for the weekend, and even if we don’t have a trip planned, a car ride to my parents, or even a subway ride to uptown is an adventure for us.

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The past three weeks have been more than hectic to say the least. We’ve bounced around to relatives homes for Christmas, a week in the Hamptons for New Years, three days in Vermont for the kids first ski trip, and tomorrow, I leave for Mexico for a solo trip for work. Packing for these trips can be a nightmare, but the right luggage and bags alleviate some of the pressure of the process.  In addition to clothing and shoes required for our trips, I am always lugging along my computer and camera. Those two essentials are usually with me at all times, and I finally found the absolute perfect bag from TWELVElittle for my ventures.

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Their Unisex 3-in-1 Foldover Tote was born a diaper bag that can be carried in three different ways with a single strap. By using the webbing handles, it can be carried as a handheld tote and with the padded adjustable long strap, it can be attached to the sides as a fold-over messenger, and it can easily convert into a backpack. Durable, spacious and comfortable, the unisex fold over tote is designed for both moms and dads, whom are style conscious and always on-the-go. The entire tote is padded to maintain the shape, while providing comfort when carried as a backpack. With tons of zippers, side pockets, and even a hidden zipper pocket on the bottom, you’ll always have plenty of space, and stay super organized. The side pockets are actually designed for bottles but I’ve opted to use them for my sunglasses. It also comes with a logo lining nylon changing pad, which I’ve removed, as my little ones are well out of diapers.

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I wish TWELVElittle diaper bags were around seven years ago, when I first had Ryder. Back then, I lugged a super heavy diaper bag, which always seemed to wear me down daily. TWELVElittle bags are designed with individual style, and engineered with every practicality. Made of water-resistant crinkle nylon with leather trim, it is the perfect bag to carry all baby essentials. What’s more, it makes the perfect tote, even after it graduates from the baby bag stage to meet your growing families’ needs.

IMG_8928 IMG_8940 Excited to see what new places my TWELVElittle bag will visit this year. It’s become my most favorite fashionable accessory.


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