The One and Only

I have reviewed lots of strollers on my blog and tested numerous brands but the one brand that will always hold a special place in my heart is my beloved Bugaboo. It was the first stroller I ever used and every time I see those iconic three circles emblazoned on a canopy strolling past me I get a little nostalgic for the new mom years.


When I first became a mom the one and only stroller that I wanted was a Bugaboo. I was proud to have such a beautiful and amazing set of wheels as we (my new baby and two doggies) strolled the Battery Park City waterfront. Ryder was born in August so we were lucky to have balmy weather for the first few months and I took advantage of it every day. The waterfront is so serene and back then it was much more secluded and less populated so I could park my Bugaboo and nurse him on a bench without interruption. I couldn’t be happier.


It is hard to pinpoint one magical day when you’re a new mom because the fog of sleep deprivation and newness obscured each day. And they’re all pretty magical, I guess. But I do remember vividly when Siella was born (another lucky summer baby) Ryder was the perfect age for the stand-up board that attaches to the Bugaboo. I remember that maiden voyage in the warm June weather along the waterfront testing out Ryder’s new “wheels” attached to the stroller and of course Bugaboo’s Missoni collab canopy. He loved it and I loved having them both close while we trekked around the neighborhood. I remember the light that day and warms temps. I was still recovering from Siella’s birth but made a point to get outside with the kids even for little short walks.

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One of the most important investments a parent can make, especially a city mom, is a stroller. In walking cities like New York you get so much use out of your stroller—it better be durable and updatable and adaptable for a growing family. Our Bugaboo took us through harsh winters and hot summers, uneven and sometimes treacherous city terrain. I spent more time holding the handles of that stroller than most people do holding the wheels of their cars! It truly was “The One” for us and I loved it. I miss the stroller years and especially my Bugaboo every day. I even toted around the Bugaboo Bee stroller when Gemma was born.

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The universal love for Bugaboo is a world-wide want because the brand makes incredibly durable and sleek machines. That’s what they feel like, too…functional and efficient machines.

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For first-time moms there is nothing more confusing and sometimes frustrating than what to buy for baby. It starts off as fun but quickly spirals into a wild frenzy. I cannot even tell you what my apartment looked like when Ryder was first born. But then I learned and by the second baby I realized exactly what is essential. Bugaboo is essential—it is truly The One and Only.

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