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For our family, and I bet for lots of your families too, June is the most insane month. We have so many things happening this month with many moving pieces, I am desperately trying not to drop the ball. The school year rolls to a close, so we are inundated with parties, spirit weeks, playdates, camp prep, summer planning, Siella’s birthday, and our ten year wedding anniversary, all mixed and piled on top of our already hectic schedule. I haven’t had a second to breath, so needless to say, some ball dropping has taken place.

Take today for example. I knew it was spirit week for Siella and Ryder, and like most years, figured the theme was same across the grades. Today I thought was “sports day”, so both kids walked to school in their sports attire, only to get up to school and see the kindergarteners dressed in their “Wacky Wednesday” attire. Siella looked as if she wanted to kill me. I was tempted to run back home to get her a wardrobe change, but with a morning meeting, there just wasn’t anytime. Fortunately, Gemma decided to wear cat ears and a lei as her normal attire, so I threw those on Siella and called her wacky! At least I tried, right?!

I know some of these mishaps are bound to happen, so I’ve been in constant search on how our family of five can be in sync! Just yesterday, a new app called Picniic found it’s way into my inbox. It happens to be a virtual family assistant, and I immediately needed to know more about it! Picniic helps families get more organized, productive, and connected than ever before. It is a family organizer for every member the family!

Picniic simplifies family life so you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time organizing it. All family members, including the kids and caregivers, can easily access Picniic via web, phone, and tablet, which keeps everyone on the same page, with features such as: family locator, shared family calendar, shopping lists, grocery lists, recipe tips, meal planners, information lockers, and tons more. The friendly Picnic user interface is easy to navigate and fun to use for every kind of family and sign up is free.

I am thrilled to announce I have become one of the FIRST EVER Picniic Ambassadors! Picniic Ambassadors represent Picniic in their local communities and are rewarded with cash, weekly gift-cards, swag, and more! It’s a pretty awesome program, and you can make some extra $ for the family! Check out Picniic using my unique link, to see how too you can become an Ambassador! The program is web only, so make sure you sign up on your computer!

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