Sunday Styles: Masala Baby

Super excited to kick off our almost fall season of Sunday Styles with one of our favorite designers, Masala Baby! There is nothing quite like fall in NYC and fashion is always at its best, even in the childrens sector! We were introduced to Masala Baby a few years back, and have to say each season the collection gets more and more beautiful. They have become the girls first day back to school dresses for the past two years now!

Masala Baby is a baby and kids lifestyle brand that combines rich cultural influences of India with a modern, contemporary aesthetic that crosses borders effortlessly. They are a socially conscious company that works with committed artisan groups all across India. Hand-crafted, women-crafted, artisanal and ethical is what matters!

Ma-sa-la is a Hindi term used to describe something that comprises a varied mixture of elements. The use of the word “masala” reflects the core design aesthetic of the brand: a harmonious medley of colors, textures and motifs mixed in with modern comfort and style.

The girls are wearing the Rosy and Kesar Ikat dresses from Masala’s Fall Collection. The gorgeous print is combined with fun tassels on the sleeves and back along with a fun ruffle detail! Now can we have these in our size!

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